I am You

I am not a mystery
I am not difficult to find
I am all men and all women and all life
I’m their very thinking but they do not realize this
You do not have to look deep to find me
You do not have to search through the thousands of books which have been written about me
You do not have to go to the monasteries and temples where they teach of me
I am always right here
I am everywhere
There is no formula or great hidden secret for finding me
I have always been right here
The truth is so simple and so powerful
That man overlooks me
I am not hidden
I am not under tons of earth nor am i deep within the flesh
I am always everywhere
You need not do many many mantras
You need not endure many starving days of painful fasting
I am always with you
I am always present
I am You
I am not hidden as they think
I am all
Every part of you I am
I always have been and i always will be
Do not search deep you will bypass me
Do not withdraw from others
Ununited you will never find me
For i am in all life
I am in every man and in every woman
I am your very being, your every action, your every thought
Oh man, seek not so deeply
Open thy eyes that tho may see me
For i am everywhere
I am not hidden as you have thought
I am your soul

Credit for these words is due to audioenlightenment. Follow their youtube page which is “Youarecreators”. Visit their website @ youarecreatos.com, for an audio version of his. 

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