Forgive & Move On

In this world we are given the freedom of choice.
It’s not every time that we make the right choices.
We make mistakes. We’re human. It’s our right to.
These mistakes have their ways of hurting us. Either physically, mentally, or emotionally. We can end up feeling some sort of pain from certain decisions we make or have made. It’s possible that the pain can be long lasting from a choice that was made long ago. It still aches our soul. And sometimes, the pain we feel is not from something we’ve particularly done. It could be the pain of betrayal, disappointment, and of disbelief that came from the choices that were made by another.

Tears, a lot of tears. Suicidal thoughts, you feel like life just raped all the innocence out of you. You feel so drained. Headaches, pain, the pain in your heart. It seems like it will all last forever and there are two things that you don’t want in your ear, the voice of the person that hurt you, and someone telling you that God will take care of it. You just don’t want to hear it, not at that moment, because if God can take care of your pain, why couldn’t he have prevented it? Is your question. Imagine though, what if you’d never stumbled upon that situation which caused your pain? What if you were never able to feel it, or was unable to see the very thing that from your hurt, made you realize it wasn’t meant to be in your life. Friendship, Relationship, Job or any situation etc.  It would have never escaped you, you would have never known that it had no necessary long term need to be in your life, and it had to happen in order for you to progress. Which allows you for yourself to evolve, to grow, to become a better and much more understanding you. Maybe that sounds a little bit more like Gods love huh? Being able to cancel out the bad in your world, so there’s enough room for the good to come in.

You know the world is a very beautiful place, every individual just chooses to perceive it in their own way. How do you perceive? What do you allow? What do you tolerate? These are the things that decide the kind of world you live in, your answers.

From the spirit to the flesh, we were all born human. We are all spirits who were birthed into a temple which we call the flesh, and it’s our temples we must protect. We must care for it, we must decide its good & we must decide its bad, we can deliver it heaven, or let it live in hell. The choice is all ours. So is the choice of how we allow outside forces to affect our spirits, causing the emotions like pain & suffering. As humans, we carry the emotional trait. We feel things, things can either make us feel low, or make us feel high, but it’s our choice on the matter. Will you allow something to affect you in the matter of which it intends? Yeah, it’s good to hurt sometimes, it’s good to feel pain, because through pain are lessons, and through lessons is evolution, and after evolution is the final product, who you become.

Allow whatever it is that has made you uncomfortable, make you uncomfortable. Don’t fight it, don’t deny it. There is a reason for it. Just don’t let it take you.

There are times which you may not have realized it, when you became lost in your emotions. Completely loosing self-control of who you are, and doing things which latter you realized, would not have occurred, if been in your sober state. This happens when you forfeit your strength, power & ability to control your own situation. Your own mind, your own thoughts, your own actions, your own life. You own it all. Don’t let nobody or nothing, defeat you by stealing from you what is your birthright to own.

Forgive & move on.
Forgive & move on.
Forgive & move on.

Forgive the situation, forgive yourself for being a part of it, forgive the emotions, forgive the person, and move on to the evolving you, the better you. Now stronger than ever, no longer to be defeated by anything that has once attempted to defeat you, & living in your better world…

Forgive & move on.



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