"Jesus Wouldn't Like That" Poem


I stand by the cross
The bible says those who abide by Christ, never lost
So I
Do my best to keep my honor
Churchless souls, I eat they flesh like piranhas
What you wearing? Who you dress like?
That’s not Christ
Who you worship? How many times you pray? How strong your faith?
If it’s not like mine, I’m sorry I
Can’t accept you
You not my sister, Can’t be my brother
I can’t feed you
When you go to places that accept sinners in them
Gotta be separation
No integration, a little hatred, is necessary
Against those who don’t follow Christ name
May they feel pain
While we saved, and we pray
Amen Amen Amen
Don’t you dare curse
Jesus wouldn’t like that
Don’t come to church every Sunday? Oh no
Jesus wouldn’t like that
So we don’t have that
You having sex? You not married?
Guess what, you going to hell because
Jesus wouldn’t like that
Give your soul to my religion, and put Christ in your intentions
Jesus would really like that
Let me put my hand on your head
I’ll raise the dead
Because the way you living, isn’t living
It’s Satanism, and if I allowed it to continue
Jesus wouldn’t like that.
Message:  God loves. All the messengers that God sent to this earth, in their messages were instructions for the world to abide by peace, love, unity & faith. Jesus himself was of no religion, he was a man who represented brotherhood, and in all his preaching’s were messages for all to come together and love one another, not judge. To judge is the right or the action which God himself commands that he is the only one with that right of action. He warned of false prophets as well as those who use his name and the name of his messengers, in vain and in falsehood. Do not feel bad or ashamed because you’re not abiding by a certain ritual that you were told you should swear to. God wants you to be happy, God wants you to love all of his children, and most of all, God wants you to live the life he’s blessed you with, along with the free will that he granted you.
Peace & Blessings.

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