Once A World

Let’s go back in time…
I once lived in this world, a world that was so beautiful, you wouldn’t believe the things I seen and did in this world.
Close your eyes and take this journey with me
This world was amazing
It had everything
Superheroes, good candy, playgrounds, family
It had everything
Dreams meant everything
There was never a reason not to smile
I could never grow old, I could never get tired
I had energy
There was nothing I couldn’t do, Nothing I couldn’t have
All I had to do was choose
And it was mine
I had everything
Friendships meant everything
It meant family
Family met Family
Family meant Family
We gave each other everything
Would cry waterfalls, if one departed
We would really, miss them dearly
There was no such thing as life goes on
Life always remained, you’d always remain
Here in my heart
In this world, everything was seen
Things were rarely missed
Could catch the slightest slip
Memories were created at present time
Moments were lived not ignored
in its present time
This world
Made me feel like
The world was mine
But it just wasn’t mine
This world was ours
This world was ours
This world was ours
This world was…
I think I’m the only one who hasn’t forgot


There once a world… A beautiful world


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