I Was Angry…

One time I made a mistake… I remember when I cheated on… I remember how it felt when you…. I wish I could change the past… If only she knew… If only he knew… How much I loved them…. I admit, I lied to you.. My love was never real, I admit I played games… I didn’t know how to make you understand… I miss you… I wish you were still here…
I’m beginning a new vlog called Heart Confessions. Everyone has something that they’re holding deep inside them, everyone has a story, and everyone has that one person who they wish they could’ve did things different with, or that one person who they wish they had a second chance to talk to. Perhaps there’s something that you’ve never said before, because you never knew how to say it. I want to give people an open chance, to share their story. Heart Confessions is your chance to speak to the person who loved you, hurt you, or is no longer here to hear you. Perhaps there is someone who never knew how they made you feel; perhaps there is someone’s voice you wish you could hear. Let your voice be heard through Heart Confessions
I need volunteers to make this project possible, help make Heart Confessions a reality that helps people heal. If interested, email me a video of you speaking your confession to —- trulovexists@gmail.com
It doesn’t matter who the confession is targeted to, or the topic… This is to help release the mind and the soul, from the toxic emotions that has been sinking inside of you for so long. This is an outlet for you to just tell the truth how it is. Release it with rage, release it with tears, or release it with joy. Either way you choose, release it with Heart Confessions.

Now it’s time to let go…


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