What's The Cost of Living?ย 

If you didn’t have to pay any bills for the rest of your life, starting today, what would you do? 

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ All we are doing, in this life of ours, is paying to live in a planet which God gave us all to live in for free. All we had to do was obey his laws. But it’s more than that now. Each and every one of us, idc who you are, everything that you do, everything that you struggle for, all of your tears, pain, happiness, all of it comes from living to pay to live. 

Yeah. We’re all paying until we die, and then to die costs too. As we are living tho, we pay to impress other people, so that they may join us in our paying lives, so we wont have to pay alone. We desire to have someone else join us in our debt to live on earth. We’re all selfish! 

Because of the inherited need to pay cash or virtual money in order to have the satisfactory of living, do you know how divided loved ones are? When there is no money, nobody is happy.


What the hell are we doing? What the hell are we really living for? You even have to pay to watch on tv, other people live. You enjoy it though, I know.You have to pay to laugh or enjoy anything here on earth. Let’s say you have family in another state or across the country, guess what? You have to pay some fees in order for you to enjoy family time. Skype & Facetime isn’t enough, and you still have to pay for that.  

Everyone complains, but when you solve the complaints, they’ll complain about that too.

What’s your goal in life? Hell, what’s any of our goals? “To pay off my bills, pay my mortgage, pay my car note, pay my kids tuition, pay, pay, pay, pay, pay!!!!” 

But hey…. 

Fuck this world and fuck the people who stole us from God.  

Fuck you! Fuck you! And oh one more thing, fuck you! 
(btw I’m in very good standing with the most high, and he is not going to condemn me from having a “curse” word in the same sentence where I him.)

Before I end this, I want you to think about this question I’m about to ask you. If you the opportunity to recieve a billion dollars, but you had to decide to do 1 out of 3 options given for you to do, which you would have to do in order to recieve the money. The three options are,

  1. Rob a close relative
  2. Manslaughter a stranger 
  3. Seperate from a loved one

Which one would you choose? Even if you are let’s say, pure in heart, and choose not to do either one and continue to be in debt to living, there is someone out there in the world who would be recieveing 1 billion dollars and living “debt free”. 

So think deeply about the question in the title.

What’s the cose for living? The answer is a life. There’s a price on your head. 

That is all for my rant…. This don’t happen too often, take precaution. 


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