"May I Share My Story?" Dear True Love, 

Dear True Love,
Once the best times are had, they forever last. Beautiful times and sweet memories, once we seen an escape from hell, we went to heaven fast.
I’m glad, I met you at the time I did, was at a point when I was ready to flush the toilet on relationships, I was done with the shit. You was near to the same route. You had so many reasons to doubt me even.
But then I came, you came, we came, intimate friends. Was distant in distance, but so close. Intimate phone calls, late night, visionary long walks, I felt you with me. We vowed to never let that go.
I sold my time to you, my mind to you, you gave me the same. Made me really think, have I ever been, truly in love before? I don’t believe I ever felt my heart before knowing your voice. Nah, I was just pussy desperate, lust wishing, heart crippling. I was seduced consciously to believe in the false tales of black love.
I felt the pain of your story too. Was intimate with the wrong dude, took something so precious from you. Your innocence, your sanity, your fairytale dreams. You didn’t have to make me promise not to repeat the same thing, I did so voluntarily. Still, that was the only thing you asked for me.
Months passed and we seen each other, days passed, we really loved each other, time passed, we started planning our life together.
Your parents hated it all the way, oh they hated it so bad. But no matter how hard they tried to keep you separate from me and even though they threatened you if you ever continued to see me, did it stop us? Hell no.
Then suddenly the sun went away and my ego reigned. A promise was broken, the trust was soaked in, the same bed your ex’s slept in. I became no different.
You I lost. Your heart, dreams, faith in me was all gone. As the world turns, you start to appreciate the other side, that’s now far away. Yeah I got you back, but no matter how close you were in my presence, your spirit was still far away. Honestly I hated it, but could I say shit? I gave you all the reasons to believe that niggas ain’t shit.
It was my responsibility to become s man. The world was not worth, loosing you.
I wish I never hurt you, but I’m glad I made mistakes, because without them, I would have never been able to see what it is truly like to see you in pain.
Every couple goes through their ups and downs in their relationship, but not every couple is able to make it out. I’m happy to say that we survived. The love was had was something that no one could define, not even us, we just knew it existed. A soul plane of true love. My relationships goal, is to never loose you… Again.
Take care, and remember that promise we made. That no matter how distant we are in distance, we will always remain close, together.
“Sometimes lessons are learned too late.”



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