"May I Share My Story?" The Text That Never Sent

April- It goes without saying, that I’m going to miss you after this unspoken but necessary goodbye. However, I’m not going to miss the silence, the inconsistency, the lack of effort & of course, the way you would so easily leave me here just to pick me back up & a reel me back in whenever you felt like. I won’t miss the surprise text “hey hyd?!” that came after weeks to months of silence. I don’t know what I was to you, but I know what I wanted to be. I can say now that, I truly don’t know who you are since you choose to be for whatever reason, such a damn mystery, but I knew what I assumed you to be for me. My charming, my person sent from God himself. Ahh, you just always knew how to say the right things that made me feel like I had wings.

You really understood me. You gave me advice on my personal dilemmas, and you even promised me reasons why everything will be better, encouraging me to have confidence. I was ready to change my life to have you more involved in it, but then… You left. I hope to God that you don’t do this with every girl you meet who feels swept off their feet when they meet you. You giving off false hopes of an actual relationship…

But you know what, I look at this world from a third eye view, and I don’t blame you at all. People’s attention span are short! People get bored very easily with things and other people. Some people even get bored with themselves which is why they go out, seeking attention from any and everyone. Every action has a cause I’ve learned. People have gotten so used to rapid change and always having to update to something new, that a relationship is only worthwhile for awhile, until someone finds a better update. You know, I was always told that I’d be really good for someone, and I myself believe that I could be the reason why someone decides to mash the brakes while driving and park just to speak to me. Yeah, I know how that sounds, but truth be told, that’s every girl. I honestly do and I will always believe I’d be the reason why someone knows there’s a sun in the sky without looking up, you just know it’s there, you can feel its energy.

Simply put to this conclusion, I guess I wasn’t your reason….

This is a message that you may never receive, but I hope one day you will feel these words in your heart, that you’ll decide to stop toying with people’s emotions. This is, my silent goodbye…



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