What's "Touch" Got To Do With It?

A lost connection, with the remedy to gain it back.

Love Brings Change

What’s “lovemaking” got to do with it?

I once had a lover who without fail would rub on me for at least 45 minutes to an hour every time we were about to  make love. It wasn’t so much that he was certified in the art of massage therapy. He most definitely wasn’t. But he took so much time and effort in wanting to make me feel good that all of those good intentions combined with just simple strokes of love and tenderness felt like he had unlimited years of training. How important our intentions are that drive us to say, do, create, attract what we need.

After my 45 minute or so rub down which would take care of most every inch of skin on my body, he would move forward into various other kinds of foreplay before we finally engaged in lovemaking. But the thing that stood out…

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