"May I Share My Story?" Graduating From College Was My Biggest Fear

*Outside Story* A very inspirational read for not only young inspiring writers, but for recent as well as upcoming college grads.

Thought Catalog

Five years ago today, I graduated from college.

Five years ago, I packed up everything with my name scribbled on it and stuffed it into the leather backseat of my car.

My car, that I would later sell for money to use on a one-way ticket to NYC and a three-month lease on a room with only three real walls.

But before that, before the apartment on 31st street across from a pizza shop and a beaten up library with a stiff late fee policy, there was a walk to Bank of America. There was the quick withdrawal of my entire savings account, which I’d use for a trip to Europe and then a move across the country.

There was the time I moved back home and then, there was the time I moved back home again.

There was waking up in the middle of night in a pile…

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