You may feel neglected, out of place, or feel that you don’t belong. You may especially feel as if, no one understands you and that no one would ever be able to. You are not alone, we have all felt that way, I know I have.


There have been many times where I looked at people, looked at the world, and decided that I lived in my own planet and I was the only one living in it. I was so sure of it too. I claimed myself as a walking ghost in the planet earth who only a few people could see. I purposely neglected people, strayed away from friendships, and stayed inside my invincible bubble. By me feeling this way, and accepting myself as an extreme loner, I was indeed alone, with no one to love or love me back, because I never allowed anyone the opportunity to get close enough to show me love. I soon found myself depressed and stressed, and finding every complaint to be made about people and the world itself, I was angry for no real reason, and I envied people with family and close relationships.


I attracted all of this into my life.

Once I started reading books like, “The Spirit of A Man” by Iyanla Vanzant and “Why do I love these people?” By Po Bronson, as well as watching YouTube videos on universal law, I began to understand that I was the initial creator of everything that manifested into my life, and that all of the issues I believed to have seen in people, were actually unsolved and unattended problems I had within myself. I learned the connection I had with the world, and all of the people in it.
I began to study myself, through meditation and looking at the affects of my past actions. I found that What I held inside for so long , was an repellent towards attachment, because growing up, I wasn’t so used to things or people really, staying attached. Everything was more so separated in my world.
We have all been afraid, we have all been doubtful, we have all felt hate, we have all felt anger, we have all felt stuck, we have all felt some type of way. But, that doesn’t mean we’re done and it sure doesn’t mean that we aren’t worth anything.
Every new day that we wake up, opening up our eyes and breathing in the air of the new day, we have made it. We have made it out of those feelings that kept us stuck and we are given a chance. A second chance to have life in a way that we didn’t have it the day before. We are given this chance, each and everyone of us, and you have the power to make the decision for what you’re going to do with your chance given.
 We have all, at some point in our lives, felt the same way. We have all had that thought of “I am alone. I have no attachment to anything neither does anything have any attachment to me.”
You are not alone, you will never be.
There are people who understand you, there are people with testimonies that can help guide you, and there are so many people who love you that if you don’t know them now, you will soon come to meet them. You are not alone, you are not detached, we are all…. One.



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