What makes you so beautiful? Is it your eyes? Is it your body?
Is it the shape of your body or the tone of your beautiful skin?
No. What makes you so beautiful are all of the things that people don’t see.
Why can’t they see it? Because your beauty is not simply seen by the naked eye that glances your way when you walk pass.
To see this beauty takes focus. Focus of the mind, and your own focus with your inner being.
For one has to be in tune with self to see your beauty.
Your beauty tells no lies and it sells no dreams, that it cannot promise.
Your beauty is made up of the same elements that make mother nature, your beauty is organic.
Your beauty is soundless but loud in the essence of the spirit.
Your beauty makes me mourn, your beauty make me laugh, your beauty makes me, connected to everything.
Fine like wine, no, just say your beauty is fine for infinite time. You, are infinite.
Your beauty makes love seem so real, even when it seems so invented.
Your beauty brings love so close, even when it seems so distant. That’s why I vent it.
What makes you so beautiful? If I ever tried to define it I’ll be lying, because for your beauty, there is no definition.
Only recognition, of the one so blessed to carry such beauty, miss special edition.
Within your eyes is the world of heaven, I can see the angel within you.
Thats why eye contact is the best contact,
because they take me to a place that most people believe they have to wait to die in order to see.
Your beauty gave me the order to see. I float heavenly in your sea.
Is it your eyes? is it your your body? Is it the shape of your body or the tone of your beautiful skin?
Maybe it’s your soul, your tone, your soul, your laugh, your soul, your touch, your soul, your energy
Maybe it’s your soul…Yeah
Infinite love, infinite peace, infinite energy
To and fro I’ll forever go for your infinite beauty.
Queen, sometimes you don’t even believe and you don’t even see the very thing that keeps me out of me and inside of you
Tearing up our “Me’s” and our “I’s” Making us one “Us” and one prime
But believe in me and I can help you more than visualize the vacation that I take, within your eyes.     Beautiful


A TruLove Ending *Kissing The Black Rose*

The scent of the black rose…
The scent that we hide from our nose alond with the root that we forbid our eyes from ever seeing, so that we’ll never believe it, so that it never becomes… A rose on our doorstep.

When I started TruLovExists, my goal was to bring everybody together and to get everyone to understand the importance of unconditional love; which we must all have for each other. With every article you were all growing with me, as I was sharing with you, all that I was learning myself along the way. My goal was to make sure that my people don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made.Every lesson I gave to you, was also a personal lesson that I had to learn. I’ve made many mistakes in the past, many of which have aided to the growth of the man I am today. However, I’ve also made some mistakes that aren’t so distant in the past. Mistakes that have caused me to loose what I’ve cherished most.

You see, TruLove was also inspired by someone, someone who’s been very special to me for 5 years. This special person really defined true love for me. They gave me the kind of love that I wasn’t receiving anywhere else. No matter how many people would come and go in my life, this person was here to stay. She… She gave me her everything. She fought against her parents defending our relationship; and she stood ground no matter how bad they insulted her for dating me. She gave me her heart, her trust, her body… Her soul. She gave me to me and I gave to her, we shared everything. However, I was the cause for the imbalance.

I wasn’t the best man to the women of my intimate past. I was very much a different man going back from the just recent year of 2014. I was a man who didn’t know what to do with all off the pain I’ve received throughout my life. The pain of watching my mother self-abuse, the pain of needing a father who although was miles away, it felt like our distance stretched into the galaxies. Unable to control this pain and not let it control me, and not yet in understanding of who I was as a young black male, I mistreated women. I lied, I cheated, I verbally slaughtered, and I even abandoned.

Today is the day that Karma gave me her hello.

Today, all of the women that I have ever been with can rejoice. For today, I received all that I was due for hurting each and everyone of them.

It was around this time, six years ago, when I was talking to an ex girlfriend on the phone. We were going through a lot of things which caused us to be separated even while we were still in a relationship. I was letting her know that it was over. She was crying to me, telling me that she didn’t understand why we had to break up; told me that she felt that we were stronger than that. I told her that I couldn’t do the relationship anymore, that I wanted to move on, and she would have to do the same. She said that she didn’t know how to just move on from someone she loved, that its not something that she could just so easily do without pain. I told her yes, it would hurt, but that she would just have to start seeing other people until she was over me. The conversation ended after that. Well, fast forward to 5 years later, and here I am now, being told the same thing over the phone, literally.

Scenes of my life began to flash as I heard those words “you’re going to have to start seeing other people.” I couldn’t believe that the time had come, where I would be on the other side where the heart breaks. I was now on the other end of the stick. I was now hearing the same words uttered to me by someone I truly loved, same words I uttered to someone who truly loved me. My TruLove.

Perhaps she is the knight who came to pay retribution for all those I’ve ever caused pain. However I must say, I caused her the most pain. Me and her were together for 5 years. And throughout these 5 years, I wasn’t as equal to her as she was to me. So many times I pushed her aside, and although the sight of her coming back no matter how much pain I had caused her should’ve woke me up, I just kept pushing. I took the fact that she kept coming back for granted, I never thought that our relationship would come to an end. However, here I was now on the other end of the phone, just as my ex was, listening to those brutal words. “You have to move on. We need to separate. We need to see other people. I don’t want this anymore.” Then there I was, begging, begging for her to not just walk away, telling her that we were stronger than a couple that separated. Just the same way as I too, was being begged. She wasn’t hearing it. And then came what I would have never predicted, hate. Her words to me now were lacking love, they were words that was accompanied by a tone that I too once had for her, and my ex. I now realized that I was facing what I never thought would be, the ending of our true love. Although hurt by it, I understood. She was fed up. She had gone through so much pain & suffering within our 5 years of being together, so how could I blame her? Truth is I couldn’t.

We never know what we are taking for granted, until that same person who we’ve abused take their love and shred it right in front of our face. 

Am I saint? No. So did I deserve it, pride once forbid me from showing it but in return for all the things I’ve done, yes, I did, perhaps even more. Perhaps I should be grateful that it wasn’t more. My heart feels abandoned, its confused, it wants light in this pit of darkness. Yet, I’m the one to blame for it being there.

So my message to you readers, those of you who are in a relationship with their current true love. Is that I want you to learn from my wrongs, so that they wont be yours. Although love is such a beautiful thing, it can be a very painful thing if mistreated. So never try to control one another, allow your true love to express his/her feelings and never seek to be the winner of any conversation. Understand that for true love to last, there must be balance, there must be quality between the two of you. Never make your love feel less than a person by complaining about the type of person who they are not and comparing them to other people. You might as well go ahead an be with those other people if they catch your eye so much. Take strong value on conversation and the times you share with each other alone. Bond with each other, do fun things, keep the fame alive! Don’t keep your head down in your phone, that right there is what’s distancing connection. And simply, make sure that if this is something that both of you truly believe in, that you both hold on and don’t allow anything! anything! To tear you apart. That also means don’t do anything that will tear yourselves apart.

So what’s next for me? Well… It’s time to repair what’s broken inside. It’s time to reconstruct, it’s time to truly become my greatest version, as I have inspired all of you to be. I will tell you one thing for sure, that never again will I ever, break a true love’s heart.
True Love Exists, and it’s because of You! Never let it die. Never let the flame go out.
As the final chapter of one book comes to a close, another begins its first…


I Father

In the womb, the child begins its development. From birth, the child begins its evolution. The lessons, the love, and the leadership passed from father to son, are the products of design that aids to growth, of child to boy, and from boy to man. Fathers are not that well appreciated, because they do not seek acknowledgement for their kingship. Although we are too well aware of abandoning fathers, because the study of evil can block ones vision of what’s righteous. Today we leave from that, as we should do every other day. We must honor fathers, for what they have given, which is life, without fathers, mothers could not produce. We must honor fathers, for what they have given, which for each individual, is something special that one could never put into words. A father is glad, he is satisfied, when he see’s all that he has done, all that he has sacrificed, shown as worth, in a child that he, whether along with his rib or alone, help to evolve. Give thanks to the man, the father, that has been in your life, that has helped you to develop, into who you are today. 

Me and the man who made sacrifices for me, during my childhood. Who kept me from the dangers of the street, who taught me how far a man would go, for the love of his first born son. A man who saved my life as a child, who never left me in need of a father. A man who did not let me lead my own self astray as I was growing from child, to boy, to teen. A man whom I must thank for the presciousness of life. 



Jamaica! Jamaica! Haha. Me and the man who adopted me in my early adulthood, my late teen years. Who taught me that it’s not always blood that is thicker than water. Who taught me that unconditional love can from someone who you have never known before in your whole life up to the time of meeting them. The man who didn’t give up on me. Who saw my potential longer than I did. The man who inspired me to get up and do something! Who showed me that I had a second chance, and would give me hell every time I showed laziness or wasn’t living up to my potential, putting myself to waste. To a man who refused to give up on me, even though he had no obligations to me, who made me get up when I wanted to lay down. I could never go a day, a month, or a year along my journey, without giving much praise and honor to this man. For if it was not for this man, I could not have made it, as far as I have made so far up to this present moment.
From TruLove,

Happy Fathers Day everyone! 

Charleston Review

Dreams of Martin, in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

perished in never land

where children are

forbidden to ever land

so fates of black faces

are ever lastin’

D’jango chains, still made

keepin slaves

lives get shot down

when followin passion

where are the masters?

The promised leaders,

of the masses?

Lives get shot down

when tryna lead them

tryna teach em 

how to climb a ladder

but eyes see’s bastards

those with badges

collectin ashes, that’s what cash is

While behind closed doors laughin

closed caskets

mom’s askin, where has Jesus been?

the devils mouth is wide open

screamin commandments

Behold a pale horse

gave no brail corpse

it was night talk, soul clarity

for a master piece, to master pieces

I hold a might torch, with a life source

for whoever need it

I know my people need it

Men & women in church prayin

wit they nose high

tryna get a whiff of somethin

heaven scented

then some shots rang

body’s fall, spirits rise

somebody cries

Look what heaven sent in

Dreams of Martin, in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

Perished in never land

Garvey is a memory, Drew Ali

is never seen

young black faces, could never be

what they never see

only what they’re told to believe

forced to believe

in D’jango chains

that keep them chained

believe they sane

so they keep they names

don’t believe in slaves

but believe in aids & disorders

Prophets perished to the 

love of order

So now they outta order

innocent lives, kept in

Status stations

beautiful girl don’t know herself

or what fate she’s facin

Young knight 

only threat ain’t night

now the sun can shine

and any moment

Son can loose his life


to those days of

marriage life

cuz black faces don’t like black faces

and black faces get killed

no matter what the race is

Dreams of Martin, 

in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

Where is the Promise Land?

The Ignored Prisoner

The ignored prisoner

never seen, never, never tend to

ignored like missed signs and blessings gone to waist

his cries

you don’t hear em


you feel it, but don’t heal it

he has chains cuffed on open flesh wounds

kept away from the world of life

where his voice can bloom, and he can sing its tune

but this prisoner still sees

all things, and even though he starves  

he still sits patiently, waiting

waiting for the guard with the keys, you

to wake up, unlock the cell

so that he can feel the sun touch his face

for the first time

taste air, 

for the first time

feel wind

for the first time

move his hands, move his legs, jump high

for the first time

while you want many things that this world provides

this prisoner just want one thing

to be free from inside

for the first time

Sometimes, sacrifices come as the best thing that can happen for ourselves. Sacrificing can be hard to do, and the process may be tough; yet at the end of the day, you know what decision is best for you to make, and if you have to sacrifice something or someone, to be removed from your life so that you can be a healthier and happier person, well then love yourself enough to do what’s best for you. There’s no reason to keep yourself trapped in pain. Don’t be afraid to be free. Remember, freedom is your birthright, and can’t nobody take that from you unless you allow them that power.
That’s a message coming from TruLove, from my heart to yours.
Open up yours hearts, and expand your minds!

How To Rise Up! When Society Tells You To, "Lay Down!"

“You can’t do it!”
“You’ll never accomplish that!”
“You’ll fail, so don’t even bother.”
“You’ll make it far, but not far enough.”
“Yor dreams are unrealistic!”
“You might as well just give up now.”
Noises! Noises! Noises! Said, the noises of society.
How many of you been told if not one, but all of these things? Come on, raise your hand. How many of you when told these things, believed them, and are still to this day, where you were when you heard them. Don’t be ashamed, it’s ok, raise your hand. And how many of you, even when you heard these noises along with more noises ,all coming after you, you still kept going, you still kept believing, and you’ve made it to where you’ve said you were going to make it. Come on, raise your hands with me.
Everyone of us has a dream. Everyone one of us has somewhere we want to be, and something we want to be. I’ve always wanted to be someone who would end up changing the world. As a child, I grew up in a rough area, where I’ve seen things that no child should bare witness. Death, death by murder, death by suicide, seeing attempted murder. Abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, and verbal abuse not only out there in the public, but inside of my own home. I remember a certain conversation I had with my mother.
Me- Mom, why do people kill each other?
Mom- People do bad things to other people when they’re angry.
Me- Are you angry at me?
Mom- *laughs* No baby I’m not angry at you, and your momma would never kill you. You’re all I’ve got, and plus, you’re just too cute to kill! *She grabs me and starts giving me numerous kisses on my cheek*
Me- Well one day, I’m going to put an end to death, I may even ban it!
Mom- Oh yeah? Is mommas baby gonna become president?!
Me- I’m going to show people, that they don’t have to kill each other, that there are other ways. I’m going to show people that all they have to do is be happy, that is all!
Mom- Oh is that so? Just be happy huh?
Me- Yup! Just be happy, Cook for each other, have fun, play video games, be friends, go to the park, and just say I love you! I think that people are only angry because nobody’s telling them that they love them. Well when I grow up, love is going to be a requirement, everyone is going to have to love everybody. That way we can all just be happy, and there be no more death.
Mom- *smiles* I hope you still feel that way when you grow up baby… I hope you still do.
So you see, being a contributor of change has always been my passion, my life goal. Sure there have been many people along my way who have told me that my dreams were unrealistic, that I was daydreaming. And if I had listened to them, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now, there would have never been a trulovexists. I know what it’s like to sit in darkness, to feel like theirs no hope and wanting to turn over on the bed and never to get up out of it.
I know what it’s like to feel alone and that there’s nobody there to support you, I was homeless. I know what it’s like to feel like you have no reason to go any further than a current situation, I was a high school dropout with no job, and I made money by the way I was taught. I know what pain feels like, I know what struggle feels like, and I know what those noises of society sounds like! I’ve heard them in my ears for years, and they never did stop. Yet I still managed to get up. I went back to school, got my GED, I applied for college, got in, and I got an apartment. I did what society said I couldn’t and wouldn’t do, because to society I was just another black male who had failed. Hi society, tell me something, how am I looking to you now?
Many people have given up, many people are still lying turned over on their beds. Simply because, the voices of society, are the only voices they are hearing; so that’s all they know to believe. I didn’t get to where I am alone, I had other voices that helped me see my true strength, that helped me realize that I was capable of winning, even in a losing situation. I’m here to tell you that you too, no matter what situation you’re in, can beat the odds, even when so many are stacked against you.
Here are the ways.


Meet Sgt. Can
Go in the bathroom, look into the mirror, and give yourself the hardest tough love prep talk! I’m talking tougher than the tough love that came from your parents and your grandparents. Tell yourself, “Listen here now! You’re going to do this and you’re not going to give up, because if you give up, you might as well kill yourself! Do you want to die? Because I’ll help you do it too. You’re going to go out there and you’re going to plant your feet into the world and tell it, world, the rules have changed. There are now my rules and things are going to go my way. You’re my bitch now! Ok? ok!”


Get rid of Society’s Messengers
All of those people who tell you that you can’t do this and you can’t make it or that your dreams are foolish, they are society’s little negative messengers and you need to get rid of them. I don’t care how long you’ve known the person, if they are your friends or if they are your family members, get rid of em! I had to do it myself, believe me. They’re the reason why you’re still slumped, they’re the ones keeping you down, get rid of em!


Get Ready, Get Focus
The road to success is not an easy road, and some people actually choose to accept failure because of it. They rather give up, because to give up and accept your place in society takes no hard work at all, you actually can receive help doing it. Decide what it is that you want to do and what it’s going to take for you to get to it. Let yourself know on a daily, how important it is that you reach your goal. This could be looking at your environment, seeing the people who are around you, or even looking into your bank account, to inspire you to say, “I need to change this, now!”


I wasn’t joking when I said that the road to success wasn’t easy. In order for you to make progress, in anything and anywhere, it’s going to take the sacrifice of something. This may be you getting rid of those that you held close to you but were also providing you negative energy, it may mean less sleep so that you can work harder, it may be that you have to give up certain habits, you may not be able to be as idle as you were, or it may be something else that’s personal. Whatever it is that you’ll have to sacrifice, don’t worry about it, because what you’ll end up gaining will let you know that it was worth it.


Love Thyself
My uncle Mike will tell you, “I love me some me!” lol. But I’m going to keep beating this into your heads, because there are not enough people who get the message of how important it is that they have an infinite amount of love for themselves! There are many people out there looking for love, to fill in the void of the lack of love they feel for themselves. I’ve seen this, I’ve felt this, personally. It can really be death-defying. So once again, I’m adding to the list for you to love yourselves! That is how you’re going to progress! That is how you’re going to make it! Be your number one supporter, the reason why you keep going, be your own reason for why you refuse to fail. Love yourself, and I promise you, the only impact that society’s noise will have on you, is making you laugh.
This is TruLove, Opening up your hearts & Expanding your minds! Peace ✌

My Message To You! It's time to believe… In Yourself!


Came across this quote while doing some article reading, and fell in true love with it. Be the biggest influence to your own mind people. Understand that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, whether you are a positive individual or a negative parasite, people will have something to say that discourages your belief. You will have people, no matter what reality you live in, who will put down your view, with the true intentions for you to adopt theirs, Trust in your intuitions before making any kind of decisions. If something feels good and right to you, then move forward in it! If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you, and you will be as easy as a rag doll to toss around. If it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t seem right, if it’s not what YOU believe in! Leave it alone! Ignore it! Walk away from it! Trust in your intuition! Don’t be afraid of what you believe in, don’t ever stop standing for what you originally stand for, just because other people may not agree and differ with you. I have people who are against true love. They say, that I’m trying to misguide the masses with my spread of positive thinking, and love. “A wise man once said nothing.” When one knows truth, one has no reason to ever argue or debate. TruLove is here to stay, TruLuv4Ever! And not a soul will ever, ever, influence me to stop what I’m doing.  Be King. Be Queen. Be True, Be Love ✌🏾️

Once again, this has been TruLove. Opening up your hearts, and expanding your minds! 

Peace and blessings to all, and have a happy & safe weekend!