To Not Loose Sight "Ivans Lesson"

There’s an old Jamaican saying that goes -“Cow Nevah Know Di Use a Him Tail Until Him Lose it”.  What this means is that, the true value of something may very well go unnoticed until its existance is no longer existent. We can also translate that to, “You don’t know what you’ve had or have, until you have nothing.”
There was a young boy, named Ivan, who while in college, was recieving a good amount of money every month which kept him financially stable. He felt good, and he was happy, but he still had a few worries. His worries were that he never had enough. He believed that he never had enough food, and for the food he did had, he felt they were not good enough for him to be able to make himself a satisfying meal. So he would either buy more groceries, plenty of which he did not use, or go out for something to eat simply because, he knew that he could afford it. Ivan also believed that he did not have enough clothes, and felt that the clothes he did have, were either not suitable for the weather or were limited for him to be able to put together an outfit. So he would purchase more clothes which would cost him quite a flawless penny. He would always go out, believing that to just rest at home would dull his life and nothing could ever be attained while sitting still in his apartment. The flow of money Ivan had, kept him on the go and at most times. His friends would hit him up consistenlty hoping to kick some time with him, but would claim to  be too busy  as he had got used to going out, having temporary conversations and moments with people that he would meet at diners and bars. Strangers who he would never see again. His girlfriend began to complain that she was not seeing enough of him and that they hardly talked nor have they in a while,  spent any time together. Yet, he ignored her feelings of neglect and in return neglected them with arguments, claiming that she was the one being selfish and desiring way too much of him. She warned him that although she truly loved him, if he would not shape up soon, she would grow tired and leave, he ignored that as well.
School was now over, and the money had stopped flowing. While comfortable with the flow of currency, Ivan never felt the need to get a job, therefore he was unemployed with now only a few dollars in his bank account and a very tight budget. Since he was now unable to go out and splerge as he used to, he now found good reasons to stay home, and actually found himself to be very productive, now reading books and excersising. He realized that his budget grew too tight for him to just go out and buy food whenever he got hungry, and was very surprised to discover the amount of meals he could make with the “little food” that he did have. He began to see things like snacks, and other edibles that he never knew existed in the pantry. As far as clothes go, with now no other choice but to use what he has, he was amazed at how many outfits he was able to put together with clothes he had neglected to wear. Also now, his phone had stopped rigning, none of his friends were calling him anymore,  they had accepted that his life was to busy to include them in it, so they gave up. His girlfriend though, was still there, and is actually the only one still consistent with including herself in his life. He came to realize how foolish he has always been, able to see now what he can live without, and also, what he can’t.
 This is an important message for each of us. For us to wake up, and not keep our minds so clogged that we neglect to have any time to notice the things and the people, in our lives, who really matter, who really love us, and desires to have a connection to us more than we even desire to have a connection with ourselves. Many of you already had those people in your lives, and if you didn’t pay good enough attention to their presence, you’ll notice that they’re gone. Let Ivans lesson, be an insight for you all. Don’t let it be too late that you no longer have what you’ve always had.

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