The High 5! To How to Feel Good & Keep Feeling Good

How we feel from the moment that we wake up, can ultimately decide how we feel for the rest of the day, or at least the first half of it.

Most of us wake up grouchy about what day it is that we wake up to. This happens for
Monday’s “Ugh! It’s freakin Monday!”
Tuesday’s “Yeah, it’s Tuesday. Who gives a damn? Not I.”
Wednesday’s “I hate camels.”
And Sunday’s “Because it’s no longer Saturday, and tomorrow’s a freakin Monday! I’m going back to sleep. Church can wait till next week.”

See, we let our sour thoughts about our days, create toxic emotions, and that restricts us from enjoying the life of the day! We lose soo much energy doing this, and that is why most of us wake up feeling slouchy and wanting to just roll over back to sleep. It’s because we didn’t even want to wake up!
So, how can we start feeling good and keep feeling good?
Every night before a new day starts, write down everything that you plan on doing the next day, and how much time you anticipate on spending on each thing. This keeps us from worrying about how we are going to spend our day, which also causes stress.

Look forward to every upcoming day as a day full of opportunities. Anything can happen! Which is true, because, who’s to say that tomorrow you won’t win the lottery? Or that you won’t run into the love of your life? Or that you won’t land on a great opportunity? Who’s to say that none of these things can happen? I’ll tell you who’ You! That’s right. Remember, the universe responds to how you feel, and all of your emotions and thoughts, whether toxic or benevolent, it will all come back to you tenfold. So, know your tomorrow, and you will wake up energetic, ready to live it out!
Watch what you eat. Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” Of course you have. How true is this? Well, simply put, if you eat junk food, you’ll feel exactly like the junk food, junkies. (HaHa, you liked that one didn’t you?). You will fill like your body is just a bin that accepts and stores trash. Not only will you lack energy, but you’ll gain in negative emotions. You’ll feel grouchy and upset, as well as uneasy. I’m sure these are how the animals who died to become that junk food you are eating, felt as they were being slaughtered… Hmm… Perhaps. Treat your body with respect! We are organic beings in the universe, meaning we are all original, so eat organic. Truly become one with nature and feeling good and thinking good thoughts, will be your nature.
Do good deeds for no reason and don’t tell anyone that you did them. Not too many words are needed to express how the random act of kindness can make a person feel so great inside. It always puts a smile on my day, whenever someone tells me that I’ve inspired them in some way or I intentionally offer my aid to someone I see that needs it. No matter what you’ve done previously, you will feel more accomplish than ever afterwards, but that is not why you must do it. There are people who do “good deeds” in order to boost their ego. You know these people (if hopefully not you), who boast on social media how much they did for a person, or they simp,y state something they did that was good and you can tell in their language that they did it for popularity. Do not do this! Feeding the ego may make you feel good for the moment, but it won’t keep you feeling good, because the ego always needs to be fed. Do good deeds for no reason and don’t tell a soul what you did. Keep it to yourself, your reward will come.
Things you can do may be- give a stranger a dollar, tell a stranger hello and ask how their day is going, being there as company for a loved one, reminding your parents that you love and appreciate them, or like me, send out a positive message that can inspire the world. (You don’t have to say you got it from me. This one’s on the house 😉 )
And The High five for the last but not least  

 Encourage Yourself!
Yes, be your biggest motivator, be your own advocate, be your number one fan! You’ll be surprised at how many people doubt themselves either due to what other people say about them, or their own fear in their own abilities. First, when people talk bad about you, or try to insult you, don’t ignore them, acknowledge what they say about with confirmation “I love myself and all that makes me”. Second, think about a horror movie you may like, or perhaps a super hero movie such as the avengers. Think about both the heroes in whichever movie you chose, as well as the bad guy/villain. Guess what, both the hero and the villain are not really real are they? But when you watched the movie they felt real right? You felt the real emotions of both inspirations and fear right? But yet, the source of the emotions are creations from an imaginative mind put into work. That is what your fears are. They are creations from your imagination put into work. You want to know how to defeat your fears? Think of yourself as the superhero, and your fears as the bad guy/villain, who of course, always gets defeated.
I hope this High 5 list gets you to feel good and keeps you feeling good. Remember, your reality is your world, and you are its creator.
This is TruLove- Opening up your hearts, and expanding your minds! Peace ✌🏾

Anybody have any extra solutions for garfield?

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