How To Attract the Right Woman?

Men, men, men. My brothers, how are you today? I have faith that even though with all of the mishaps going on in the world, that all is well.
So, the question for today is for men, “How to attract the right woman?”




I’m going to start this off with a confession of my own, when I too, once desired the answers to the same exact question.
I used to believe that women are just tooooo difficult! I know, you’re probably saying out loud right now, “what does he mean? All women are difficult, that’s how they naturally are. What does he mean he used to believe that?” Lol, hear me out. I love women. I’ve always felt attached to women, in fact I was, for the most of my life, raised by women. I was always interested in having a relationship with a female ever since I was in kindergarten.I know, to a majority of people who may seem to be young to start thinking about wanting to have that have that type of attachment with a female who isn’t your mother. But what most people have to realize is that, whether male or female, we start the relationship attachment to a female, as soon as the first time our mother holds us in her arms, after we’ve just finished being born. Notice how the tears of a child stops as soon as he/she is in his/her mothers arms.


Well for me, as I said I was raised by women, but my mother was not able to be so much present during my childhood; I was living with my father. My father had many, many women. During my early childhood,I watched him get into several different relationships and I’ve met several here & go’s with my father. While witnessing my fathers trials, I felt a common connection between him and I. We both wanted to fill a void in our hearts, which was the lack of a free unconditional connection, with one woman. Although a very young child, neither my grandmother nor my aunts who helped in raising me, were able to fill in that void. However, I loved and still love them dearly.


Moving along further in my years, I wanted to figure out how I can get a female in my life, and keep her there. My father, who was obviously unsuccessful with maintaining just one relationship, and my mother, who obviously didn’t stay around, both made me realize that I needed to figure this all out on my own. So I would watch the guys around me at school, who seemed to receive all of the attention from females, and I paid attention to how they would attract the females. I was surprised to learn that I didn’t have to learn much, why? Because everybody was doing the same thing!
Everybody talked the same way, Everybody used the same “game” they all put on the same act! Although confused, I was at a bit of relief. I did not know why they were doing it, all I knew was that it worked. So I did it. I became a thug, I became a rapper ( a very good one), I adopted the slang, and I approached women the same way as all of the other guys approach them. Did I get the women? Yes. Did they stay? Hell No.


Why didn’t any of the relationships work out?
I attracted physically beautiful women, because I had “swag”. I attracted physically beautiful women, because they liked that I was among the popular group of individuals. I attracted physically beautiful women, because they liked my money. Notice how, none of what I said they liked, actually included me. At the end of the day, I was being a mimic, not myself, and what one woman would complained about a man, would be in other woman’s complaints, and at the end of the day, it all ended with the most famous complaint of them all! “All guys are the same!”


Let me get a Youuuuu Guessed it!
And they were right, all of the guys they dealt with, were acting the same. Including me. Therefore, none of us were able to keep a successful relationship. We were not able to attract the right woman, who we would end with for the rest of our lives. We weren’t being ourselves, therefore, subconsciously, we were attracting each others women, and ending up with the same results!

Man being rude to woman

So what’s the solution? What did I figure out? How can you attract the right woman in your life?


Let’s begin…
Number 1
Stop Doing too much!
Come on now fellas! How often are you looking in the mirror and how much time are you spending grooming yourself? Seriously?! I know, I was doing the same thing until I realized how foolish I looked, and that I was getting too in touched with a female trait. There’s nothing wrong with looking good, but a lot of you are competing with the women. Stop That!… Now! A real woman will look at you and not just call you out on your act, but she may not say anything to you at all and just say in her head, “this guy’s a bit funny.” Also, how much money are you spending daily? On clothes, jewelry, drinks, and the other things that guys are using to get women’s attention. The only time of women you are attracting, are materialistic lusting women. You will never be happy, because your happiness will be defined by how happy you are making her with the things you are buying her. Your clothes are not even your clothes. Because guaranteed, if they didn’t grab the attention of those physically gorgeous women, you wouldn’t wear them. You will never be happy this way and will keep moving through different relationships. Real women don’t care about your physical possessions, they’re more concerned about your brains possession. Are you wise? or are you a fool?
Number 2
Have Confidence
A lot of you aren’t confident in yourselves, and that’s why you’re either still single, or relationships don’t seem to work out for you. All women can sense whether a man has or lacks self-confidence. Be confident in yourselves! You are men! We are kings! We are gods! We are each individually unique beings. An outstanding possession of confidence within self, will without a doubt, attract the right woman. Don’t be afraid to approach a woman, and don’t be afraid to speak your mind to any woman. Real women, lusts confidence.
Number 3
Be Original
If you didn’t pick this up from my story above, my friend, I don’t know what to tell you, besides that you must be comfortable behind a mask. Besides loving yourself, there is absolutely nothing more important than being yourselves, and using number two’s rule by having confidence in being yourselves. Don’t be afraid of being who you are. You like comics? Keep loving it! You love animals (as you should) keep loving them! You love to read and seek knowledge? Keep reading and keep seeking! If a female doesn’t agree with it, oh well! She’s not the one for you! Move along my friend. What I’ve learned is that, you will find the person who you will love, by doing what you love! So just keep doing it! There’s only one you in this world, and you’re only in your flesh for one lifetime. Why put it to waste by pretending to be inside another?
Final 4
Love Yourself
I’m going to end these lesson on an even number because there is absolutely nothing odd, about loving yourself. If you do not love your self, nobody will truly love nor really respect you. Read that line again to yourselves and whomever you feel may need to hear it. The lack of love for ourselves is what makes this world seem like it’s under total destruction. Because we don’t love of ourselves, we are causing total destruction to our own selves. Putting whatever type of food in our mouths, acting outside of our true nature, treating other people with hate, having toxic emotions like jealousy and envy, allowing other people to treat us any kind of way. These are all things that derive from the lack of love, for ourselves. If you do not love yourself, men, you will fall for any relationship, and not only is it a high possibility that the female wont love you as well, but you will be treating each other bad. A lack of love for self, allows no love to enter into a relationship. A lack of love for self, disconnects you with your inner you, it disconnects you from the world. Love yourselves gentlemen, don’t worry about who doesn’t like or who may or may not love you. Love yourself, and your TruLove will come. You can hold my word on that one.
There you go fellas! The 4 ways to attract the right woman. I hope you use it effectively and I hope that your TruLove, is not too far away from entering into your lives. Fell free to ask questions or add onto the list!


This is TruLove- Opening your hearts & expanding your minds!


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