My Message To You! It's time to believe… In Yourself!


Came across this quote while doing some article reading, and fell in true love with it. Be the biggest influence to your own mind people. Understand that no matter what you do, no matter what you say, whether you are a positive individual or a negative parasite, people will have something to say that discourages your belief. You will have people, no matter what reality you live in, who will put down your view, with the true intentions for you to adopt theirs, Trust in your intuitions before making any kind of decisions. If something feels good and right to you, then move forward in it! If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you, and you will be as easy as a rag doll to toss around. If it doesn’t feel good, if it doesn’t seem right, if it’s not what YOU believe in! Leave it alone! Ignore it! Walk away from it! Trust in your intuition! Don’t be afraid of what you believe in, don’t ever stop standing for what you originally stand for, just because other people may not agree and differ with you. I have people who are against true love. They say, that I’m trying to misguide the masses with my spread of positive thinking, and love. “A wise man once said nothing.” When one knows truth, one has no reason to ever argue or debate. TruLove is here to stay, TruLuv4Ever! And not a soul will ever, ever, influence me to stop what I’m doing.  Be King. Be Queen. Be True, Be Love ✌🏾️

Once again, this has been TruLove. Opening up your hearts, and expanding your minds! 

Peace and blessings to all, and have a happy & safe weekend! 


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