Charleston Review

Dreams of Martin, in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

perished in never land

where children are

forbidden to ever land

so fates of black faces

are ever lastin’

D’jango chains, still made

keepin slaves

lives get shot down

when followin passion

where are the masters?

The promised leaders,

of the masses?

Lives get shot down

when tryna lead them

tryna teach em 

how to climb a ladder

but eyes see’s bastards

those with badges

collectin ashes, that’s what cash is

While behind closed doors laughin

closed caskets

mom’s askin, where has Jesus been?

the devils mouth is wide open

screamin commandments

Behold a pale horse

gave no brail corpse

it was night talk, soul clarity

for a master piece, to master pieces

I hold a might torch, with a life source

for whoever need it

I know my people need it

Men & women in church prayin

wit they nose high

tryna get a whiff of somethin

heaven scented

then some shots rang

body’s fall, spirits rise

somebody cries

Look what heaven sent in

Dreams of Martin, in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

Perished in never land

Garvey is a memory, Drew Ali

is never seen

young black faces, could never be

what they never see

only what they’re told to believe

forced to believe

in D’jango chains

that keep them chained

believe they sane

so they keep they names

don’t believe in slaves

but believe in aids & disorders

Prophets perished to the 

love of order

So now they outta order

innocent lives, kept in

Status stations

beautiful girl don’t know herself

or what fate she’s facin

Young knight 

only threat ain’t night

now the sun can shine

and any moment

Son can loose his life


to those days of

marriage life

cuz black faces don’t like black faces

and black faces get killed

no matter what the race is

Dreams of Martin, 

in distant lands

Malcolm’s presence forgotten

Where is the Promise Land?


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