I Father

In the womb, the child begins its development. From birth, the child begins its evolution. The lessons, the love, and the leadership passed from father to son, are the products of design that aids to growth, of child to boy, and from boy to man. Fathers are not that well appreciated, because they do not seek acknowledgement for their kingship. Although we are too well aware of abandoning fathers, because the study of evil can block ones vision of what’s righteous. Today we leave from that, as we should do every other day. We must honor fathers, for what they have given, which is life, without fathers, mothers could not produce. We must honor fathers, for what they have given, which for each individual, is something special that one could never put into words. A father is glad, he is satisfied, when he see’s all that he has done, all that he has sacrificed, shown as worth, in a child that he, whether along with his rib or alone, help to evolve. Give thanks to the man, the father, that has been in your life, that has helped you to develop, into who you are today. 

Me and the man who made sacrifices for me, during my childhood. Who kept me from the dangers of the street, who taught me how far a man would go, for the love of his first born son. A man who saved my life as a child, who never left me in need of a father. A man who did not let me lead my own self astray as I was growing from child, to boy, to teen. A man whom I must thank for the presciousness of life. 



Jamaica! Jamaica! Haha. Me and the man who adopted me in my early adulthood, my late teen years. Who taught me that it’s not always blood that is thicker than water. Who taught me that unconditional love can from someone who you have never known before in your whole life up to the time of meeting them. The man who didn’t give up on me. Who saw my potential longer than I did. The man who inspired me to get up and do something! Who showed me that I had a second chance, and would give me hell every time I showed laziness or wasn’t living up to my potential, putting myself to waste. To a man who refused to give up on me, even though he had no obligations to me, who made me get up when I wanted to lay down. I could never go a day, a month, or a year along my journey, without giving much praise and honor to this man. For if it was not for this man, I could not have made it, as far as I have made so far up to this present moment.
From TruLove,

Happy Fathers Day everyone! 


7 thoughts on “I Father

  1. I can’t help but notice how there are no black women here at all commenting on the importance of fatherhood. Where are the same black women who comment on everything else you post, where are they now, nowhere to be found.

    From this I would hope that you would at least begin to see why I take such a hard stance when it comes down to black women, this right here is an indisputable illustration as to how black women truly feel about black men, you simply cannot get more blatant than this.

    Black women have the loudest mouths when it comes down to denigrating black men, however when it comes to fatherhood and vocally bigging up those men who stick by their children and raise them correctly, nothing but tumble weeds and the sound of crickets from these same black women, a travesty indeed.


    1. Yes, I do see there is the lack of black women in attendance to both the comment and like section, in this article and others like it that is directed toward being a positive look on black men. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t see. Perhaps they really don’t have anything to say due to the fact that they’re still dealing with personal issues with their own father’s or make figures in their life, or perhaps they’re still afraid to break the barrier that has divided us, or maybe they haven’t felt the message yet themselves, personally. Whatever it may be, I have not, nor will not give up on black women or black men. For there was once I time when I too was in a lost state of not knowing how to conquer my demons to where they don’t keep me from the one thing that brings us together in harmony, which is love. And you know, there are many posts which I feel personally deserve millions of likes and comments, but they don’t. If I dwelled on the lack of acknowledgement I would no longer be doing this. Our people need someone who is going to stand for and beside them, even when they don’t stand for or beside him. We’re used to those who stood for us either end up getting killed, or turning their backs. So our people are dealing with fear, and resentment. One day people will wake up to my message, I know this for sure. I have not given up, and I hope that you remain with me to see the unity that is to come, through TruLove.


      1. TruLovExists,

        1001 different excuses other than the obvious one huh, black women on the whole do not give two hoots about black men, this is why they are not out on the streets protesting the regular deaths of black men in the locations of violent black neighbourhoods.

        10 people dead in the city of Chicago just on the 4th July alone, where are black women, yet again nowhere to be found. I thought that black lives matter? The same can be said for Baltimore, Philadelphia, Staten Island, NY and everywhere else where there is a high black population, black women are nowhere to be found when black men are being murdered at the hands of other black men.

        Black women serve their white father through the religion of the state, he is their new lord, saviour, master and father and has been so for the last 60 years. Making up excuses for the traitorous behaviour of the black female will profit you nothing, in fact by doing so you permit their treachery to continue unabated.

        Black women as a group do not love black men, the sooner you wise up to this fact(as harsh as it may be) is the sooner that you can break the illusion of there being a unity between us.


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