What makes you so beautiful? Is it your eyes? Is it your body?
Is it the shape of your body or the tone of your beautiful skin?
No. What makes you so beautiful are all of the things that people don’t see.
Why can’t they see it? Because your beauty is not simply seen by the naked eye that glances your way when you walk pass.
To see this beauty takes focus. Focus of the mind, and your own focus with your inner being.
For one has to be in tune with self to see your beauty.
Your beauty tells no lies and it sells no dreams, that it cannot promise.
Your beauty is made up of the same elements that make mother nature, your beauty is organic.
Your beauty is soundless but loud in the essence of the spirit.
Your beauty makes me mourn, your beauty make me laugh, your beauty makes me, connected to everything.
Fine like wine, no, just say your beauty is fine for infinite time. You, are infinite.
Your beauty makes love seem so real, even when it seems so invented.
Your beauty brings love so close, even when it seems so distant. That’s why I vent it.
What makes you so beautiful? If I ever tried to define it I’ll be lying, because for your beauty, there is no definition.
Only recognition, of the one so blessed to carry such beauty, miss special edition.
Within your eyes is the world of heaven, I can see the angel within you.
Thats why eye contact is the best contact,
because they take me to a place that most people believe they have to wait to die in order to see.
Your beauty gave me the order to see. I float heavenly in your sea.
Is it your eyes? is it your your body? Is it the shape of your body or the tone of your beautiful skin?
Maybe it’s your soul, your tone, your soul, your laugh, your soul, your touch, your soul, your energy
Maybe it’s your soul…Yeah
Infinite love, infinite peace, infinite energy
To and fro I’ll forever go for your infinite beauty.
Queen, sometimes you don’t even believe and you don’t even see the very thing that keeps me out of me and inside of you
Tearing up our “Me’s” and our “I’s” Making us one “Us” and one prime
But believe in me and I can help you more than visualize the vacation that I take, within your eyes.     Beautiful


3 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Awesome, what’s described in your poem is the way I’ve always choose to love people. Not by physical appearance. But what’s inside. What’s in your soul and in your mind. I feel it’s the only way to truly appreciate and love someone.


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