Curvy N' Curly Goddess Explains the Thirst Traps

Instagram Star Shelah Marie, explained why she posts her thirst traps and says women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sensual bodies.

She stated that the negatice feedback she recieves from women, even those who she knows, towards her photos, -“highlights how deeply ingrained our self hatred and our body hatred is in who we are, and the way we go about creating who we are. That when someone see’s you doing something, it immediately sets off an alarm.”

Shelah saids although there are guys who leave derogatory comments on her page, she accepts that is as something she left herself open for when she decided to began sharing her body in art form, with the world. 

Shelah is an advocate for women who are afraid to show off their bodies and may even feel ashamed of their bodies. She wants women to feel more secure with themselves open and safe in their own bodies.

After viewing both the video and her instagram (I know you checked it out) what are your thoughtd in Shelah’s chosen way of spreading a message out into the world. 


Men Watch As Girlfriends Get Catcalled 

This is the reality which we all know. Many of us have actually done this form of catcalled and even at a more dissrespectful level. What is your reaction after seeing this? If you’re a catcaller, will you now stop the rude assaults after seeing it from the outside in?
For those of you with a girlfriend, how would you react if you seen a similar video to this featuring your girlfriend?
This is a topic that should be intoduced in conversation.

"Advice To The Young" Poem by Fedrick Douglas Harper


Be true to your eyes, ears, thoughts, and feelings
Listen to your heart but yield to your mind’s best Judgment
Be kind and wise in spoken words, for surely your Words will follow you
Be not afraid of risks but be cautious
of actions Driven by emotion, confusion, and false friends
Avoid jealousy of others’ achievements and possessions
Don’t live with an insatiable greed
for more than You can appreciate or use
Don’t eat more than your hunger’s call or Drink beyond your thirst’s needs
Listen to spirits that favor you and offend not Those that oppose you
Absorb yourself in an activity worthy of your unique Talent,
and develop as many common Potentialities as you desire and can
Whatever you do, do it as well as you can
Live comfortably with your conscience, And be at peace with your soul
Be courageous in life, while always respecting Death’s luring and lurking 
Rest when tired and think when you are uncertain
Be kind to the sacredness of life and respect the Natural order of the universe
Follow no one or no thing except your own judgment
And your own divine wish
Love and respect yourself and your family
Be all you can by developing yourself
Do all you can in helping worthy others
And live a quality and meaningful life.
When the time arrives where we must pay for what we’ve done to this world, all that we’ve contributed and haven’t contributed to the land on that which we place our feet, and the air for which we so selfishly take for granted. When it comes time for us to come face to face with our fate for all that we have done, will the argument at that time, be race?

This is what transformation looks like!

A beautiful informative read this is. Visit the voices that aren’t heard.

Holding Up a Mirror


This video is the first minute or so of our talk


This is the majority of our talk


On July 19, 2015 I delivered a talk with Tim Leisman, a member of my church, about our experiences in the Black Lives Matter movement in Greensboro, NC. Below is the text of our talk.

Karen: It is our duty to fight for our freedom.

Tim: It is our duty to win.

Karen: We must love each other and support each other.

Tim: We have nothing to lose but our chains.

Karen: This chant is one that we have learned through our involvement in the Greensboro Black Lives Matter movement. I have since learned that it is a quote from Assata Shakur. Assata Shakur has a long and complex history with the American legal system. I won’t get into whether she is innocent or guilty, but I will say that…

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Smile Lil Bit

Hey lil bit
Why won’t you smile?
A lil bit
Turn that frown upside down
Just a lil bit
Don’t you know that scar ain’t nothing?
But a lil bit
Didn’t they tell you who you are?
You a star
Got a shine in you
And it ain’t just a lil bit
I know life been kicking you round
Just a lil bit
They tryna say
You ain’t a thing
But a lil bit
All that you could ever be
Is just a lil bit
Your heart speaks louder
Than them lil bits
Lil bit
So use it
More than just a lil bit
When they frown
As they look at the clouds
I need you to smile
Just a lil bit
The sky ain’t the limit
All it takes is a lil bit
Of lil bit
Lil bit, you are infinite
Whatever you dream
You can be
All it takes is just a lil bit
Of lil bit
Climbin up that ladder of faith
And then claimin it
So hey lil bit
Why won’t you smile?
A lil bit
Turn that frown upside down
Just a lil bit
You know I think you should laugh
Just a lil bit
Cuz life ain’t nothing but a test you can past
All it takes is a lil bit
Of Lil Bit



It seems like every other week there is a new social media trend that hits worldwide, and gets everyone on their pages and live on each others timeline. This weeks trend is #GrowingUp…
It began with #GrowingUpBlack, which became so popular that other hashtags began to follow. Such as, #GrowingUpWhite, #GrowingUpMexican, #GrowingUpGay, & etc…
These hashtags is supposed to provide a comedic insight on what it’s like to be of a certain race, ethnicity, and culture background. Well, I’ve paid attention to these hashtags that were showing up and couldn’t help but notice that a certain one was missing. A particular one which I personally feel has an unarguable importance to be included. A specific hashtag which will undoubtedly stand out in the midst of the entertainment aura of this trend.  It began with #GrowingUpBlack, however, our young men should have a pleasant reminder of their ascendance, who & what they rise from, besides just having shoutingi n their mental “I’m growing up black!” No! We’re born, and we are growing up  Kings!
In case you aren’t aware, allow me. I’ve taken the liberty of beginning a hashtag of my own titled, #GrowingUpKing
Let’s begin…












 A moment of Silence & Black Fists Up for
Langston Hughes
Ben E King
Michael Jackson
Biggie Smalls *Notorious
Tupac Shakur
George Jackson
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
And every other King that lived & gave his life, for the lives of his people. We love you! And we will never let your spirits die! Now my people, you know what it means, to grow up King.
Stay Black, Stay in Love, Stay Proud ✊🏾

Are You Helping Him Build? Or Facilitating His Fall?

What is the price we pay for the past being, which we no longer are? It can be that the person who was involved in our past, refuse to let it remain past; and no matter who you may be now, because of their decision to remain, their vision is impaired from seeing the present, as well as the future.
As you have read in my article “A True Love Ending” where I kissed the black Rose, I was not always as the man that I am today. I was toxic, I was corrupt, I was without knowledge of self. I was with knowledge of mimic, meaning I knew very well how to be the product of my environment. The person who suffered through my lack of self awareness and love understanding, was the person with whom I was with for 5 years. Unfortunately, the things she went through with me traumatized her eternally, because when I from my personal suffering, evolved into a man of enlightenment and truth consciousness, she still saw the man who’s only enlightenment was in a bottle. No matter how much I tried to convince through my actions and no longer just words, her mind was so fixed that neither her eyes nor her heart was able to see that God had entered man. She was so used to the presence of the devil, that she kept looking for him; and as she kept on in search of him, her mind, and her heart, became subdued by him.


She became more angry, more thirsty for arguments and situations that provoked them, she starved from understanding and feasted upon confusion and assumptions. She lusted upon her dreams which were nightmares. The man she loved, now became her enemy. There was no longer anything I could do, she was gone.


Black love is a powerful force. It is an infinite energy once conjoined. Black love is feared because, its presence alone, eliminates the darkness, by bringing in the Sun more closer to the Earth.
“Such a power must be stopped,” said the one who ruled the night. “How?” Asked the Bishop. “Through separation!” Declared the ruler. “For the light which leads the blind cannot be shed, nor would it any longer be able to lead, if it’s energy is corrupt!” He continued with laughter. “We have rule over the darkness, which means who can strengthen our control to rule over that which gives light to those who travel in darkness. We must mis-lead the moon to lead for us. So that for even when the moon’s light shines, there will be fear of direction. What is the Sun without his Moon? Indeed we must separate the two.”


So it was written, and so it was done. Now we must enlighten ourselves upon the result of the experiment that was done on our moon, the black woman. As she has been separated to become so distant from the Black Man.
Now this is not at all an attack on black women. I love my Beautiful. There are many Black Queens who exist and the only “trapping” that they do, is trapping the devil “ruler of the night”, from entering into their kingdom. But because I myself can relate, and know that there are unfortunately a number of black women who are both consciously and unconsciously, tearing their man down rather than helping him build a kingdom. I want to touch on that because I feel like the only way this issue is to be solved, just like any other issue, it’s existence must be discussed.
Many of our women are allowing themselves to be influenced by influences that don’t have their best interest at heart. These influences reside in the music they listen to, the posts they see daily on Instagram and Facebook, other peoples relationship stories, and even certain books they read. They are inspired to read “Think Like A Man,” but not “Spirit of A Man”.


All of which I have mentioned, have a powerful influence on our women’s minds. Miss-educating them on how “their own” relationship with their man should be, and then they get the idea of “my man should be doing this, oh why he not doing this?! Oh it must be because he’s doing this!” Whatever the “This” is, is a created excuse for separation, and unfortunately, these women who have been encouraged, have many.
These women are very much disabled from being able to let go of their significant others past. Now, if a man has physically harmed you or has assaulted you in a manner which is unforgivable, then hopefully you left him alone after the situation occurred, and you’ve moved on for the betterment of yourself. But our women have been taught to hold onto a grudge against the black man, much harder than they should hold onto their love for him. You see this everyday. Those who accepted the lesson as guidance, you find to be more successful of tearing themselves away and keeping their distance from the black man, more-so than they are successful at keeping the empire which they began to build, alive and moving towards evolution.
The man could have been pretty bad with his relationship in the past, yet he has evolved, grown into a man who has connected with spirit. He no longer thinks, talk, act, or even walk as he once did. But he see’s that his woman cannot accept that, and he himself is heartbroken. She doesn’t see what he has grown to be, because she’s still stuck on what he used to be. So she never grew, only he. She compares his actions to the actions of other men who although may not be the best men, they are black men, and for that reason, but not that reason alone, the intentions of his actions must be the same. She is paranoid of him. Rather than realizing herself and fixing the relationship which has been dissolved between herself and her own heart, she still decides to remain with him, while she doesn’t believe in him. Understand that this is not the woman’s fault, for she was re-programmed to think and function this way.
So what does this do to the man? If he doesn’t save himself, by leaving this toxic woman so that he may healthy develop into the man he is to be, he is subjected to become enslaved by the ruler of the dark’s creation.
He may either fall victim to her wordplay of constantly bringing back the version of him in the past and then become that again, he can continue to try to convince her that he’s changed and then start to live his life convincing her, doing everything to her liking and as she see’s because he loves her and wants to keep her happy. But soon as she doesn’t like something or feel that he’s not pleasing her enough, she hits him in the head with arguments and false allegations intending to make him feel that he is wrong and she is right and that he must still fix himself, because everything about him is still all wrong.
This treatment has turned black men against black women, which is the return result for the turn of black women against their men. A number of couples decide to remain in a relationship although this type of situation occurs, but instead of being an energy of love, they have a relationship built upon hate, distrust, disloyalty, dishonesty, and distance. The worst part about it is that these couples decide to create children, and now their whole family is a product of corruption. The cycle then continues because the children are educated upon what they see at home.


We need to fall back in love with each other! Black women need to throw away those toxic books! Turn your eyes away from that which tells lies to your vision (TV). Turn your eyes and your attention from that which you see every day on your social media, that encourage you to solely think outside of your heart, rather than within it. And Black Men, my brothers, we must do the same. If you cannot forgive a man for what he has done in the past, then for the betterment for both him and yourself, you must move on. Do not attempt to keep alive a relationship which you already know is dead of love. This too, also goes for my brothers as well. Are we helping each other build? Or are we facilitating each others fall? This is the question which we must enlighten ourselves upon.
For what is the Sun without the Moon? The Moon without the Sun? For we are an incomplete solar system. Let us not allow ourselves, to become strangers to our own kind.