It seems like every other week there is a new social media trend that hits worldwide, and gets everyone on their pages and live on each others timeline. This weeks trend is #GrowingUp…
It began with #GrowingUpBlack, which became so popular that other hashtags began to follow. Such as, #GrowingUpWhite, #GrowingUpMexican, #GrowingUpGay, & etc…
These hashtags is supposed to provide a comedic insight on what it’s like to be of a certain race, ethnicity, and culture background. Well, I’ve paid attention to these hashtags that were showing up and couldn’t help but notice that a certain one was missing. A particular one which I personally feel has an unarguable importance to be included. A specific hashtag which will undoubtedly stand out in the midst of the entertainment aura of this trend.  It began with #GrowingUpBlack, however, our young men should have a pleasant reminder of their ascendance, who & what they rise from, besides just having shoutingi n their mental “I’m growing up black!” No! We’re born, and we are growing up  Kings!
In case you aren’t aware, allow me. I’ve taken the liberty of beginning a hashtag of my own titled, #GrowingUpKing
Let’s begin…












 A moment of Silence & Black Fists Up for
Langston Hughes
Ben E King
Michael Jackson
Biggie Smalls *Notorious
Tupac Shakur
George Jackson
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King Jr.
And every other King that lived & gave his life, for the lives of his people. We love you! And we will never let your spirits die! Now my people, you know what it means, to grow up King.
Stay Black, Stay in Love, Stay Proud ✊🏾

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