"Advice To The Young" Poem by Fedrick Douglas Harper


Be true to your eyes, ears, thoughts, and feelings
Listen to your heart but yield to your mind’s best Judgment
Be kind and wise in spoken words, for surely your Words will follow you
Be not afraid of risks but be cautious
of actions Driven by emotion, confusion, and false friends
Avoid jealousy of others’ achievements and possessions
Don’t live with an insatiable greed
for more than You can appreciate or use
Don’t eat more than your hunger’s call or Drink beyond your thirst’s needs
Listen to spirits that favor you and offend not Those that oppose you
Absorb yourself in an activity worthy of your unique Talent,
and develop as many common Potentialities as you desire and can
Whatever you do, do it as well as you can
Live comfortably with your conscience, And be at peace with your soul
Be courageous in life, while always respecting Death’s luring and lurking 
Rest when tired and think when you are uncertain
Be kind to the sacredness of life and respect the Natural order of the universe
Follow no one or no thing except your own judgment
And your own divine wish
Love and respect yourself and your family
Be all you can by developing yourself
Do all you can in helping worthy others
And live a quality and meaningful life.
When the time arrives where we must pay for what we’ve done to this world, all that we’ve contributed and haven’t contributed to the land on that which we place our feet, and the air for which we so selfishly take for granted. When it comes time for us to come face to face with our fate for all that we have done, will the argument at that time, be race?

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