Curvy N' Curly Goddess Explains the Thirst Traps

Instagram Star Shelah Marie, explained why she posts her thirst traps and says women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sensual bodies.

She stated that the negatice feedback she recieves from women, even those who she knows, towards her photos, -“highlights how deeply ingrained our self hatred and our body hatred is in who we are, and the way we go about creating who we are. That when someone see’s you doing something, it immediately sets off an alarm.”

Shelah saids although there are guys who leave derogatory comments on her page, she accepts that is as something she left herself open for when she decided to began sharing her body in art form, with the world. 

Shelah is an advocate for women who are afraid to show off their bodies and may even feel ashamed of their bodies. She wants women to feel more secure with themselves open and safe in their own bodies.

After viewing both the video and her instagram (I know you checked it out) what are your thoughtd in Shelah’s chosen way of spreading a message out into the world. 


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