"Straight Outta Patience"

But why are we out of patience? I say “we,” and not “they” because we all are one. We all mourn. We all feel anger towards the continuous unlawful murders, that continuously keeps us R.I.P’ing another hashtag every other week. We’re out of patience. However, we know damn well no changes will be made until we finally do the “no peace” part in a well thought out, strategic way.
Organized Unity.


Right now we’re asking. Why would somebody stop messing with you simply because you asked them to? Did it work in middle school? High school? When those bullies couldn’t get enough of you no matter how much you expressed your pain. It wasn’t until you stood up for yourself, until you finally decided to fight back. When the bullies got the message, that you wasn’t the one they should ever think about dancing with.
I don’t favor the “BlackLivesMatter” movement because if you truly think about it, we’re trying to “PROVE” how important we are. We’re trying to prove… Let that sink in…
Who the hell are we trying to convince? Why the hell are we trying to convince anyone that we deserve rights as human beings? Does this not sound foolish to you? As powerful as we are as people, they all should just know. WE should already know! But after years and years, of the enslavement of the mind, controlled by a matrix design. How can you blame those who can’t see? When the don’t own their own eyes…
No more “Black Lives Matter.” Let it be something more powerful, something like “MOMMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!!”
How does that one sound?
But then again, who’s really about it? There’s a famous trend of tweeting your action, rather than being the life of your words. No more rioting in your own communities, that’s not where the battles are.
Pay attention to what I’m NOT saying. That’s up to you to use your brain to fill in the blanks. I hope you’re able. Not everybody will understand what I’m saying, and that’s OK. You could probably tell that I’m used to that, but lack of understanding and acknowledgement doesn’t shut me up. It shouldn’t make you afraid to speak either. We need the consistence of fearlessness. For whom it is written for, they shall receive. Basically, we need not for people to understand we matter, but for us to show them who we are.