What Love Need's…


Good morning or evening friends. Wherever you are, I hope that this message reaches you well. I have some serious news to pass on to everyone throughout the globe. However, I would like to forewarn you, that what I’m about to say could mean the end of the world as you know it. It could change your emotions from joy and laughter to tears and pain, and then back again.
What I have to say…
In the words of the magnificent Stevie Wonder, “Love’s in need of love today”.


In this present time, we are seeing the world at a suffering state. After many years of fighting oppression and racism, black people are still having to scream out “Black Lives Matter.” We are at the potential of entering into a war that will be like no war that came before it. A war that would see a death rate of millions across the globe. A spiritual war.


We are seeing that unity comes through anger and frustration. Emotions that still divides. People are still divided within communities, more families are falling apart, long lasting friendships and relationships are ending, or have ended already. Trust and loyalty is more questionable. People are preferring to rather stay to themselves and be individuals vs. combining with other lives in the world. Love has become obsolete.


Relationships are apparent to be so rare today. There are more promotions for the single life and awesome that is, than are there shares of couples and how awesome it is to have a partner. Relationships have become such a rare thing that when seen, people either congratulate it “OMG! Look at that couple! Wow that’s nice to see”. Or hate on it, “Look at them, I give them a month… a week… ehh, a few days and they’ll be done. You can’t trust these hoes.”
You should know that I do not make any of this stuff up. These are statements that I have actually heard coming out of peoples mouths. A majority of us have stopped believing in love. A majority of us don’t know what love is.
Our nature is not to hate. Our nature is not to be divided or to divide ourselves from one another. I have said this many times and people have agreed, that we are naturally loving spiritual beings who have lost touch with our spiritual selves. It is not that we want to fight each other, kill each other, or separate from one another, but what we are involved in, in this present time is the game defined by philosopher Herbert Spencer known as, “survival of the fittest”. We are in survival mode.
“Everybody wants to be famous
  Nobody wants to be nameless, aimless
  People act shameless
  Tryna live like entertainers” – “Dirtee Cash” by Dizzee Rascal
There are many of us who feel like we have to be someone other than ourselves. Taking upon a whole new identity. We feel as if we have to prove something to be something, and we have to be involved with certain people, to matter to other people. Or we feel that we have to be a mirage of a trending look, create an illusion that we have a certain amount of money, in order to be looked at. We do things because we feel that these are the things that makes us feel complete, but that is wrong, and we are never left complete. Something is always missing, and that something is the you inside which you have lost connection with, your true identity, your true being, your spirit.
We are loving beings by nature, but our love needs love. We need to connect back into our heart space and let our heart be our guides, not our minds. The mind is a wonderful thing but a dangerous thing when given too much power of control.
The Mind vs. The Heart
The mind gives you what you want. The heart gives you what you need.
Following your mind may take you where you want to go, but following your heart will lead you to where you need to be. At the end of the day we each choose the path we walk on, but it is a very serious choice which is not realized. What you choose to follow, either the heart or the mind, will be the decision maker for the kind of life that you’ll live as well as the people who live in it with you. However, the heart loves us so much, that if we tell it that our mind is in control of things, it will say “ok”, and will easily let the mind be its guide.
The mind is good, because it helps us think about choices before we finalize them and it helps us see other options. But the heart is our confirmation, the heart verifies, and it is what helps enlighten the mind. Without the heart, the mind will only falsely think that it is enlightened and aware, and that is the ego in charge.


The world is seeing much suffering, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The path towards change begins with unity. In order for there to be unity however, we need to unite ourselves with our heart space. Unite ourselves with God, because that is the only way that we’ll be able to unite ourselves with each other.
aaahelpingthepoorWe need to do things not to receive, but because it fulfills us to give.
tumblr_n46ozmav5a1s942x1o1_500We need to be there for those that are suffering.


We need to quit our defense mechanism of being strangers, and welcome ourselves to talking to and meeting new people. We should feel comfortable with talking to someone who may be by themselves, or the ones who we notice are often quiet. These are the ones who suffer silently, because they feel as if they have no one to talk to. I have found that the consequences of individuals being left to suffer alone, tend to be suicide, or non-stopping self inflicting pain which soon leads to suicide.
We need to stop being afraid of Love, and start Loving each other! It is the only way that we’ll be able to see the positive change in the world if that’s what we really want to see for ourselves, and the generations to come.
We need to stop letting society be our guide, and just follow what our heart tells us.
We need to have the mindset of wanting to rather work out our issues than splitting apart because we are afraid of pain. We must stop avoiding pain and accept it for what it is. Which is a necessary discomfort that helps us evolve in our awareness of things, and evolve within ourselves because every ounce of pain received has a dose or two of a lesson.
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Love is in need of Love today, but in order for True Love to manifest, we must begin… Today.
You know how to change the world, so change it. It’s not hard.

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