How "Black Lives" Can Matter

The cries have been heard across the country, it has been heard in the distance of other countries as well. “Black Lives Matter!” The movement began its peak in 2012 at the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. It raised its voice even louder following the unlawful shooting of Michael Brown. Following both tragedies there have been numerous amounts of cases involving unarmed black males who have died at the hands of law enforcement. The African American community screams “Black Lives Matter” because they are sick and tired of the devil… Being the devil.


It is time that we bring our focus back to home. How can we be mad at a system, whose sole design was to exploit, and use the people for its own greater good? We say, “We hate these devils!” “The devil is the man in power, and we have to fight his power over us!” “These devils…” It is foolish for us to be angry at the devil for simply living its nature, but if the devil is able to find its way into your home, then well, it is time that we begin asking the question, “Well who the hell let the devil inside?” It is time for us to take responsibility.

Yes, black lives matter. Why does black lives matter? Because a “black life” is a life from the hands of the creator. What are the trees? What are the oceans? What is the Sun? The Moon? The Animals? Are they a part of life? Created by whom? I say this because, the same right that we, of the African American community, feel that we have to shout “Black Lives Matter” for the injustice that has been played against us, is the same right that the animals, the trees, and the oceans would have for saying “Nature Lives Matter!” Are you following me?


Do black lives matter to black lives? In the past two weeks, there have been 30 fatal shootings in Charlotte NC. A total of 20 black lives killed. Shot to death by another black life. On my campus, North Carolina A&T, cops are always swarming the area because about every night, there are shots being heard, there is someone being robbed, assaulted… What’s happening in your neighborhood? Black lives are threatened by their own kind. But why isn’t this the argument of the Black Lives Matter Movement?

What are these protests, by these organizations, screaming and shouting for justice, doing subconsciously? They don’t have our minds right. We are acting emotional, rather than being logical, hosting more of the feminine nature within our decision making tactics. We are the real distractions on ourselves from what we should be focusing on, which is preserving our own nation, our own race.


The argument should be for unity, for peace, and for love without our own communities. The Black Lives Matter movement should move within the ghettos, within the HBCU’s, and in every community where black lives reside; enforcing that we ourselves enforce the justice that comes from the righteousness of God. We must protest love on our own selves, within our own communities, or else. We have to matter to ourselves before we can start expecting anyone else to take us serious when we say, “We are human beings and demand to be treated as such!” Are you treating yourself, or your fellow brother or your fellow sister, as a human being? Getting down to the root of that question is where the fight must begin, before there is even an actual fight for anything else.


Black Lives Matter should shift the gears of their arguments towards the fact that we need to incorporate more black owned business. We need to support our black businesses, the ones who are around so that they will in the latter, have the opportunity to branch out, expand their business, and become a place of opportunity for other black workers. We must demand that men learn the law of contracting, trade, stocks & bonds. So that the black man can have something he calls his own, and does not have to keep on depending on anyone else or go anywhere else, looking to find some stability to bring back to his own home.


Black Lives Matter should argue on the schooling and nutrition of our children. Demand for us to eat in the consciousness of our health, so that we and our children can live long and are not faced with the chronic health illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases…

The demand should be that parents pay more attention to their kids schooling, and not allow for education to only start and end inside of the institution, but see to it that education is going on 24 hrs within the home.


The Black Lives Matter movement should protest against the men who mistreat their women, the women who mistreat themselves, and the lack of love that there between the black man and woman. The black lives matter movement should be advocates for love within every black community. There should be counseling, and seminars speaking for the coming together of black families. We should all be saying, to our fellow brothers and sisters, “if you in any way, cause any harm against your own kind, you will be dealt with accordingly.”

Love or Else!

Should indeed be the message for the race of the black man, woman, and child. It is the lack of love that keeps us divided, it is the lack of love and the presence of fear that keeps us killing each other, and it is the lack of love that keeps us so apart from God. So much that we are in denial of the presence of him that is within us.

How can black lives matter? Black lives will begin to matter once every black life can see the harm that they have done to themselves and to those around them. We have to matter to ourselves before we can go out demanding from other races, and for the whole world, to see us and recognize us as another creation from the most high who should be treated as a brother, a sister, and as family. We have to first want to become family with our own family. We have to set our ego aside, forgive the past and let it be, and start moving towards righteousness.

This is truly the only way that “Black Lives” can start to matter. If not this, then you are a hypocrite to your own pledge…


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