I woke up today with a message from my dream, that message was “Progress”, “it must be made.”


     We’re no longer kids. Mother is no longer there to wake us up and tell us “it’s time to get to moving!” We have the responsibility of taking the responsibility of our own lives. We cannot blame anyone for our failures besides ourselves, we cannot blame or account anyone for who we are other than ourselves, and the same goes for success. The way we think, the way we move, and the way we talk is all what attracts the people and things that we come across in our lives.


This is the law of vibrations, the “like attracts like”; the energy we put out is the same energy we will receive. So nothing at all should be surprising. From the state of our relationships, the people who end up being our closest friends, the dreams that finally come true, and the wishes that never seem to get granted all should never seem to be of any surprise to us. The way we move today, is the way our future will be, so having mindfulness of the present is of absolute importance. It is the here and now where we are the path writers of our destiny.


We must choose our steps wisely.
Today and everyday is about progress.
How are we going to move forward towards our goals? What will we do today, in honor of the chance we’ve received to be able to live to see another day? What will we do for ourselves, that will help us do for others?
You, God, and the universe is a three band team, but you need to make sure you’re an contributing team member. Today is about playing YOUR part in the progress of YOUR Life… What will you do?
What will we do?
Let’s make progress…



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