Dr. Martin Luther King's Last Message


In his final recorded speech, “I’ve been to the Mountain Top”, Dr. King addresses the illness of America and it’s contagious attachment to the black people, which still thrives on today. Dr. King speaks on the importance of unity, and even references the days of Pharaoh, how he was able to prolong the slaves in bondage by keeping them fighting among themselves, but when slaves stand together, then their bondage to the oppression is no more. Dr. King speaks a message which is still highly addressed today, that black people must learn the language of the oppressor, which is the language of the dollar. If we want to be a free people, we have to stop fundraising our slavery. “The power of economic withdraw… Collectively we (the black man & woman in America) are richer than all the nations of the world with the exception of nine.” Dr. King.
Buy black or start black businesses!
Black people must grow their own economy, because as it has been for so many years, we fight, march and yell at the same people whom we depend on for our livelihood.
The message of Dr. Martin Luther King, is of very little difference to the message of the honorable Louis Farrakhan, which he delivered on “Justice or Else”. The black people must unify! And begin to realize where our power lies, as well as where our weakness has been.


The Mis-Education of Prayer

“We are a very spiritual people, and from the beginning they have used that against us. It has been our connection to spirit which has kept us in connection with the divine. However, they have separated us from ourselves, and have confused us of our own spirituality that it has now become our own weakness.”



The people pray, yet, they are still oppressed. The people pray, yet, they are still oppressing themselves. They pray in the name of God yet they defy him with their scorned hearts, blind eyes, and misguided ways. In what kind of faith are these people praying unto? From what deity are they begging for mercy? It cannot be the God whom I know to have given the people multitudes of signs and warnings, and have even sent upon the people messengers, whom they chose to ignore in blind faith. It cannot be the God whom I know gave us temples for our spirits, land for our feet, a sun to guide us on our days, and a moon to provide us with light in the night. It cannot be the same God in which they pray to because he does not hear the prayer of those who stand in vain, of those who purposefully keep themselves dumb and blind when they have been provided with prescription to heal themselves from their sickness.
Although I speak this truth, the people hear me not just as they chose not to adhere to the messages that came and passed right by them before. They defend their beliefs and their faith against me, stronger than they defend themselves against their enemy. They continue to beg and plead for something they have never been given in their gesture of the beggar. When will the people learn? When will they see the error of their ways?


We are enraged with the devil for being the devil, but for how long has he been this way?


We plead for the devil to change from his nature of being the devil, which is foolish, and he laughs at the people with good reasons. How long has the devil been the devil, yet you expect him to be any different today? If you have been in countless wars with someone, do you expect that tomorrow, they will show up without their weapons to battle against you? For this would be foolish, and in this belief you will surely die… As you have been.

Prayer should not be confused as being man’s strongest weapon in battle in neither defense nor offensive stance. For man is man’s strongest weapon. Mans will, his courage, and his heart. Prayers purpose is in asking for divine guidance, for the divines’ presence when man will walk in pursuit of his goals. Prayer is meant to be an aid, not a weapon, and this is where the people have become confused.

Pray for help in your conscious awakening, pray for enlightenment, pray for understanding, but do not pray for action to be taken for you. For as you have seen in all the years that has passed, this prayer has not served you well.

The black man has been brought down to his knees and left there because for all the years he has been in war with his enemy, he has been in an unconscious war with himself, but he knows this not. His woman have been brought down to her knees, yet was risen back up to become hateful and resentful of her man. Thus the two have been separated this way.

You have been told to just pray about your problems and that it will turnout as the solution for everything, and by doing this, you have been kept from the truth of your oppression, and this truth is in yourself.

Man will know truth, man will gain enlightenment, and man will become conscious, by looking into himself and discovering both his weakness and his strengths. Right now the people must see where they have been weak, and discover the cause of this weakness. From there they must recognize the ugliness of their ego and how it has kept them dwelling in their lower selves, which is why you have been a people who were so easy to oppress. Demons possess the weak mind and the ignored heart. You have left the doors to your temple open for infiltration, but you have not been aware of this.


A lion who is born and raised in a cage does not know it is in a cage, it believes that it is in its natural habitat.

For so long you have been comfortable with your oppression, your slave condition, because you have believed that your current domain is indeed your natural habitat, where you are meant to be. This is what the enemy feeds off of, your comfort of his control. Your lack of awareness and weak conscious is your weakness.

I say, it is no good to carry on a tradition that no longer serves you well. If you wish to be free of the chains put on you, if you wish to be redeemed of your carnal possession, then change your tactics. Stop begging for what God has already made yours. Stop believing that God will give you what is yours when you don’t feel worthy of it yourselves.

Whatever you choose not to fight for and demand, you do not deserve, and it has no right in your hands.

break the chains

Who Are We Without Them?

“It’s not who he is with his addiction, but who is he without it?” – MansTruth
  I decided to do an experiment today called, “No Phone Tuesday.” I put it as a hashtag on Instagram & Twitter, and just in case anybody else felt intrigued by the idea and wanted to join in the movement, I added the challenging caption, “Let’s see how much I see and learn today… Can you do it?” And honestly, I saw a different world.


  The world really felt and looked different, and maybe this is because I was actually experiencing the day instead of time experiencing me. We have been experiencing consistent rain in the past few days yet today, the sun decided to greet us once again, and I wanted to show my gratitude by being aware of it. Isn’t that what we all ask for? Just a little attention so that we may feel appreciated? Well I wonder how our planet feels… Hmm…
  I saw the beauty of fall with the leaves mellowing off of the trees, I saw the clear sky and watched the birds fly in it. I felt the warmth of the sun and I breathed in that beautiful prana that came along with this bright day. However, I also saw some things that scared me truly….


  It was as if i was watching a whole different existence of life. I saw organisms moving as if they weren’t alive. No. I saw life happening as it wasn’t being witnessed. No. I was recognizing living things that didn’t seem like they could even define themselves. No. What I saw was people, human beings, who weren’t being human; they simply were, existing… But existing where?
 Humanity has created an alternate reality, a new plane of existence for themselves, and that existence lies within the… You guessed! Mobile Phone! Our Iphones, Our Galaxies, our androids.
We keep our eyes in our phones, subduing ourselves in a whole nother galaxy, where we become robots with a human experience, or an android.
– MansTruth


  Humanity has fallen in an unconditional, some may define it as true love, with the cell phone. We have become attached and friends, we are addicted. Let not a person lose their phone or accidentally drop it and suddenly the screen cracks, oh no! You would think either someone lost a family member, had gotten into an accident, or what’s even more tragic, has had their heart broken. Well, that is in some sense what happens right? All of your trust, faith, and love is attached to your phone that if something were to ever happen to it, it would feel like you’ve lost all that’s in you… This is us humanity.


  As I watched all of those who passed by and those who stood still, every single person was either with their heads down looking into their phones, or they were on the phone. Some of the people who were looking at the phones were simply just doing that. They were staring as if they were waiting for a command to do something different, on their phones. I began to wonder, has this become the escape route from our problems? Is this the outlet for escaping our insecurities? Has this become our exit from the world? Our excuse to separate from each other? We notice each other more in pics on Instagram than do we recognize each others existence in the physical realm. This is a problem!
  These are the college years, and in the college years we are supposed to network right? These are times where we are to possibly meet the people who we will spend the rest of our lives with; friends, a significant other. But how do we expect to meet these people when we are not at first, doing the most important thing which is paying attention and conversing with other people?
Social Media=Anti-Social Network


  In the past years since the popularity rise of Facebook, society has become more distant and anti-social. This is a study which I have done by experiencing life around me with my own eyes, and even myself. Yes, that’s right, I’m no exclusion here. There was a time period where I was so glued to my phone that it became the source of all that is natural human necessities. Companionship, entertainment, “education”, communication, “world guide”, etc… And today, we have given so much reliability to our phones, that the mobile has now become a god among us. We wish not to part from this deity, because we couldn’t imagine how we would be able to eat, shit, nor even breathe without its presence. Once upon a time, it was only God in which we gave this kind of love to…


   Society seems broken because we’re not focused in it. We’re too busy being livid towards illusions that we don’t see the obvious solution to the simplest problem.
What is one of the most, if not the most, important thing that relationships need in order to remain afloat? Communication right?
Well that is what society needs! And what comes with communication? Stronger relationships, trust, and faith in the other right? Well if we could attain all of this, we would become the “relationship goals” for the whole world! Then how could we fail? It would be either two things in the latter, either you are conscious of the problem and fix it, or you are conscious of the problem and do nothing.
Still, we would all be conscious, and then we could start holding individuals accountable, rather than looking on a blame for the worlds problems and here we are right here, the solution. And it all starts with the easiest action, putting the phone down, and giving life a chance to breathe into you.
 Some people may claim this to be digging too deep, and say there is no possibility that the tie between an individual and his/her cell phone, could be of any cause to the issues we face in society. And to that person I say, go without your phone for a whole day, and tell me what you see in its conclusion. Better yet, try to convince another individual too part from his/her phone, and for yourself, record the reaction you receive.
It’s the things we don’t notice that can either give the world hope, or is the cause of its lack of. In order to find the root of any problem we have to dig deep, and that is for anything. It’s because many of us have adopted this idiotology stating that we don’t have to think too much of anything, therefore we think little of everything… As a man thinketh, so is he…
 So, back to the topic question… Who are without our phones???
 Well, with them we seem happy, we seem to be enjoying ourselves, and we’re ok.


Look! Even the cat down the road has a cell phone! (Infinite Waters).


But without them…


  We become miserable, we feel as if a part of us is missing, and we don’t know what else to do, we don’t know what to say besides “Where the hell is my phone?!!” If we’re not spending an excessive amount of time searching for our phones, we’re spending an excessive amount of time worrying about what we are missing out on while being apart from them…
Does this sound ok to you?
  I don’t think you get it. You may see the problem and may be saying “Yeaah, you’re right.” But I don’t think you get it. So…
I want to play a game


Why We Suffer

“The greatest struggle that we have today is the struggle of mastering ourselves. It is from mastering ourselves in which we become the master of ourselves and in return, we become the masters of everything we have ever seen ourselves incompetent.” – MansTruth 
cropped-wpid-cute-humanity-photo-photography-picture-favim-com-338457We, humanity, have been detached from our inner selves, our true being, the spirit. We ignore our intuitions, we have become fearful of believing in our own logic, our own faith, but yet adopting that of others. These are the traits of those of us who have been suffering, and yet still can’t recognize the causes of the consistent aches hurting them within, with no signs of it ever going away.
Humanity suffers because we follow orders that our spirits do not believe in, and we force ourselves to adapt in situations which we are not at first comfortable with.
We are a confused race!
And because we are so confused, walking in the dark valley searching for light, the one eyed giant with a torch that suddenly appears, immediately becomes our leader.
Although the whole of humanity is not lost, the percentage of those who are causes an ache in the whole world. This is the “one rotten apple spoils the bunch” rule. When a cancer cell enters the body, it doesn’t just affect one particular part of our body and leaves the rest alone, no, the whole body becomes infected with cancer. Every part of your body both internally and external, will know that the cancer is present. Therefore, we are all in need of some chemotherapy.
We suffer not because we are an incompetent race, but because instead of following what will strengthen us, we follow what comforts us. We love to be comfortable, many of us are at least somewhat aware of the issues that are happening throughout the world and how much America is truly suffering, yet we ignore it because we say that being conscious will do nothing but trouble us out of our comfort zone.
   We will eat the McDonalds, we will smoke the cigarettes, we will digest any and everything that poisons our body, why? Because for those moments of feeling good. For most people, feeling good for a moment is worth more while than living long enough to see their grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s children.


We must step out of our comfort zone if we have any plans for gains of prosperity, long life, and peace.


      It is in our heart space, where we will find the guide that will carry us through our most difficult times. The heard does not lead its love astray. True love is a love that is manifested through God, it is our minds which we are always in tangle with that keeps us roped up in our troubles. God has nothing to do with the choices we free-willingly make. We are confused with the belief that it is by following our hearts, that we are led into heartbreaks and regretful situations. When in actuality, it has always been our hearts that have tried to warn us and save us from our pain.
     The heart is quiet when we give fear its space & time to be present. Doubtfulness, confusion, resentment, and emptiness are all what comes with the rise of fear, along with the spark of our ego. These are all the aspects of humanity’s suffering.
We suffer because we give up the control of ourselves, to entities that control us. Government, controlling organizations, social & economic systems, corporations, our television, our technologies. There is an entity residing in each and everyone of these things that have transformed humanity’s free will into premeditated actions.


Our suffering comes from serving the flesh while falsely believing we are serving the divine being known as God. We cannot serve two masters, this is even made clear in your bible. Yet by doing so, we suffer.
We must come back to ourselves, and figure out who we are internally, what we must do externally, and figure out the cause of our even existence on this plane.
What is our purpose? What is your purpose? Finding and serving to this purpose is the duty for mankind.
Get out of serving the flesh, and get into serving the spirit. What good has serving the flesh done you? left you broke, beaten, damaged, mentally ill, hateful, egotistic, and has been the caused of your death! The flesh is weak, the flesh is vulnerable, while, the spirit is eternal, it is energy, it can never be destroyed.
Once humanity can understand this meaning, its suffering will cease. However, this is not to say that by eliminating one suffering a new one may not appear, for there is a suffering in every lifetime. but as we evolve consciously, as we evolve to live as spiritual beings, the pain that derives from suffering becomes obsolete.
The source for all that I say is in you. Search within yourselves, and you will find where truth lies.

How To Stop Chasing Your Pain

The message is,

“Stop chasing “WHO’s” leaving you, when there is already “SOMEONE” who’s reaching for you.” – MansTruth
This is the cause of your pain.

We have to start singing the same song to our pain that we sing when it rains. “Pain pain, go away, don’t come back another day!” Then follow it up with a Jay melody, “We don’t need you! You mean no equal!” Why are we trying to equalize ourselves with the things that hurt us, and then disturbingly question the pain?
We see the rain, yet we still go outside with no umbrella! Why? Why is it that when we know that we must protect ourselves, we don’t? We go for it anyway. Now, I am all down for taking risks, but there is a thin line between sky diving with a parachute, and sky diving with just the belief that you could fly.️ Even God’s doing the face palm.

Side Note:  I told someone yesterday, “Become the sun, the sky needs you.” Really? She asked.
Well on a day where everyone is gloomy, it’ll be nice if someone brought in some shine right?… Right!

Many of us are chasing after a sickness, when the medicine we need is right behind us calling our name, “Apollo! Apollo! You fool I’m right here! I’m trying to heal you!” We are chasing this sickness because we have this toxic belief that what makes us sick, will also heal us… Where did that idea come from? 👀
Don’t kill the messenger! I’d like to know the source too.

The beginning quote is actually something that came to me while I was meditating in the shower (we all do it). All praise is due to my teacher, because I definitely needed the jewel.

Have you ever had someone break up with you, or have someone who you were interested in but they didn’t share the same feelings, however you kept trying to get their attention and trying to figure out why they were keeping their distance from you? All the while, you have someone who is completely interested in you but yet you were paying them little to no mind. We have this tendency to chase after what we can’t get and ignore what we already have, and this is why we are all accountable for our own suffering.

Keep ignoring the one chanting your name. Soon they will stop chanting and begin chanting for a new star that what’s to light up their earth. Now you’re just left lonely and single because soon you had also realized that the person who you were chasing was never going to slow down for you to catch them. So now what?

0 (2)  Why do we chase after our pain? Why are you chasing after something that serves you no good? If she left you why the hell are you still calling her phone? Calling his phone? These are questions which I have found to have left many people in doubt of themselves. It’s because we believe that we need answers. It’s because our hearts have gone into an emotional shock, and the mind is playing big brother saying, “hold on now, let’s go find out what’s really going on, because we-need-answers!”

No we don’t, we don’t need to do that. We don’t need to commit to an energy that drains our life right from under our noses, literally. All this does is serve us on the plate left to be eaten by our own dilemma. When God does something, we don’t need to ask him why he did it and what was his intentions. We just need to let the situation be the situation and go on with our lives.

So how do we stop chasing after our pain? How do we let go? We accept the pain as a part of our natural growth process and allow ourselves to grow through it, and eventually rise above it. We have to learn how to accept what is, and wake ourselves up from our illusions! The mind will play tricks on you my friends, but the heart… The heart will take you to where you need to go.

Imagine this, you’re running after trying to convince the person who don’t want you, while turning away the person who is probably meant for you. Life moves fast, and somethings just can’t be undone. We all have an engagement with our mistakes, this is only untied once we have truly learned and have evolved from the person who we were when we made them.

There is no such thing as coincidence, and there is no such thing as mistakes being done by the hands of God.
You are not a mistake!
Repeat it to yourself, “I am not a mistake!” Now turn around, your medicine is calling… tumblr_mtahiga2Bs1si1ap7o4_500