How To Stop Chasing Your Pain

The message is,

“Stop chasing “WHO’s” leaving you, when there is already “SOMEONE” who’s reaching for you.” – MansTruth
This is the cause of your pain.

We have to start singing the same song to our pain that we sing when it rains. “Pain pain, go away, don’t come back another day!” Then follow it up with a Jay melody, “We don’t need you! You mean no equal!” Why are we trying to equalize ourselves with the things that hurt us, and then disturbingly question the pain?
We see the rain, yet we still go outside with no umbrella! Why? Why is it that when we know that we must protect ourselves, we don’t? We go for it anyway. Now, I am all down for taking risks, but there is a thin line between sky diving with a parachute, and sky diving with just the belief that you could fly.️ Even God’s doing the face palm.

Side Note:  I told someone yesterday, “Become the sun, the sky needs you.” Really? She asked.
Well on a day where everyone is gloomy, it’ll be nice if someone brought in some shine right?… Right!

Many of us are chasing after a sickness, when the medicine we need is right behind us calling our name, “Apollo! Apollo! You fool I’m right here! I’m trying to heal you!” We are chasing this sickness because we have this toxic belief that what makes us sick, will also heal us… Where did that idea come from? 👀
Don’t kill the messenger! I’d like to know the source too.

The beginning quote is actually something that came to me while I was meditating in the shower (we all do it). All praise is due to my teacher, because I definitely needed the jewel.

Have you ever had someone break up with you, or have someone who you were interested in but they didn’t share the same feelings, however you kept trying to get their attention and trying to figure out why they were keeping their distance from you? All the while, you have someone who is completely interested in you but yet you were paying them little to no mind. We have this tendency to chase after what we can’t get and ignore what we already have, and this is why we are all accountable for our own suffering.

Keep ignoring the one chanting your name. Soon they will stop chanting and begin chanting for a new star that what’s to light up their earth. Now you’re just left lonely and single because soon you had also realized that the person who you were chasing was never going to slow down for you to catch them. So now what?

0 (2)  Why do we chase after our pain? Why are you chasing after something that serves you no good? If she left you why the hell are you still calling her phone? Calling his phone? These are questions which I have found to have left many people in doubt of themselves. It’s because we believe that we need answers. It’s because our hearts have gone into an emotional shock, and the mind is playing big brother saying, “hold on now, let’s go find out what’s really going on, because we-need-answers!”

No we don’t, we don’t need to do that. We don’t need to commit to an energy that drains our life right from under our noses, literally. All this does is serve us on the plate left to be eaten by our own dilemma. When God does something, we don’t need to ask him why he did it and what was his intentions. We just need to let the situation be the situation and go on with our lives.

So how do we stop chasing after our pain? How do we let go? We accept the pain as a part of our natural growth process and allow ourselves to grow through it, and eventually rise above it. We have to learn how to accept what is, and wake ourselves up from our illusions! The mind will play tricks on you my friends, but the heart… The heart will take you to where you need to go.

Imagine this, you’re running after trying to convince the person who don’t want you, while turning away the person who is probably meant for you. Life moves fast, and somethings just can’t be undone. We all have an engagement with our mistakes, this is only untied once we have truly learned and have evolved from the person who we were when we made them.

There is no such thing as coincidence, and there is no such thing as mistakes being done by the hands of God.
You are not a mistake!
Repeat it to yourself, “I am not a mistake!” Now turn around, your medicine is calling… tumblr_mtahiga2Bs1si1ap7o4_500


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