Why We Suffer

“The greatest struggle that we have today is the struggle of mastering ourselves. It is from mastering ourselves in which we become the master of ourselves and in return, we become the masters of everything we have ever seen ourselves incompetent.” – MansTruth 
cropped-wpid-cute-humanity-photo-photography-picture-favim-com-338457We, humanity, have been detached from our inner selves, our true being, the spirit. We ignore our intuitions, we have become fearful of believing in our own logic, our own faith, but yet adopting that of others. These are the traits of those of us who have been suffering, and yet still can’t recognize the causes of the consistent aches hurting them within, with no signs of it ever going away.
Humanity suffers because we follow orders that our spirits do not believe in, and we force ourselves to adapt in situations which we are not at first comfortable with.
We are a confused race!
And because we are so confused, walking in the dark valley searching for light, the one eyed giant with a torch that suddenly appears, immediately becomes our leader.
Although the whole of humanity is not lost, the percentage of those who are causes an ache in the whole world. This is the “one rotten apple spoils the bunch” rule. When a cancer cell enters the body, it doesn’t just affect one particular part of our body and leaves the rest alone, no, the whole body becomes infected with cancer. Every part of your body both internally and external, will know that the cancer is present. Therefore, we are all in need of some chemotherapy.
We suffer not because we are an incompetent race, but because instead of following what will strengthen us, we follow what comforts us. We love to be comfortable, many of us are at least somewhat aware of the issues that are happening throughout the world and how much America is truly suffering, yet we ignore it because we say that being conscious will do nothing but trouble us out of our comfort zone.
   We will eat the McDonalds, we will smoke the cigarettes, we will digest any and everything that poisons our body, why? Because for those moments of feeling good. For most people, feeling good for a moment is worth more while than living long enough to see their grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s children.


We must step out of our comfort zone if we have any plans for gains of prosperity, long life, and peace.


      It is in our heart space, where we will find the guide that will carry us through our most difficult times. The heard does not lead its love astray. True love is a love that is manifested through God, it is our minds which we are always in tangle with that keeps us roped up in our troubles. God has nothing to do with the choices we free-willingly make. We are confused with the belief that it is by following our hearts, that we are led into heartbreaks and regretful situations. When in actuality, it has always been our hearts that have tried to warn us and save us from our pain.
     The heart is quiet when we give fear its space & time to be present. Doubtfulness, confusion, resentment, and emptiness are all what comes with the rise of fear, along with the spark of our ego. These are all the aspects of humanity’s suffering.
We suffer because we give up the control of ourselves, to entities that control us. Government, controlling organizations, social & economic systems, corporations, our television, our technologies. There is an entity residing in each and everyone of these things that have transformed humanity’s free will into premeditated actions.


Our suffering comes from serving the flesh while falsely believing we are serving the divine being known as God. We cannot serve two masters, this is even made clear in your bible. Yet by doing so, we suffer.
We must come back to ourselves, and figure out who we are internally, what we must do externally, and figure out the cause of our even existence on this plane.
What is our purpose? What is your purpose? Finding and serving to this purpose is the duty for mankind.
Get out of serving the flesh, and get into serving the spirit. What good has serving the flesh done you? left you broke, beaten, damaged, mentally ill, hateful, egotistic, and has been the caused of your death! The flesh is weak, the flesh is vulnerable, while, the spirit is eternal, it is energy, it can never be destroyed.
Once humanity can understand this meaning, its suffering will cease. However, this is not to say that by eliminating one suffering a new one may not appear, for there is a suffering in every lifetime. but as we evolve consciously, as we evolve to live as spiritual beings, the pain that derives from suffering becomes obsolete.
The source for all that I say is in you. Search within yourselves, and you will find where truth lies.

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