The Mis-Education of Prayer

“We are a very spiritual people, and from the beginning they have used that against us. It has been our connection to spirit which has kept us in connection with the divine. However, they have separated us from ourselves, and have confused us of our own spirituality that it has now become our own weakness.”



The people pray, yet, they are still oppressed. The people pray, yet, they are still oppressing themselves. They pray in the name of God yet they defy him with their scorned hearts, blind eyes, and misguided ways. In what kind of faith are these people praying unto? From what deity are they begging for mercy? It cannot be the God whom I know to have given the people multitudes of signs and warnings, and have even sent upon the people messengers, whom they chose to ignore in blind faith. It cannot be the God whom I know gave us temples for our spirits, land for our feet, a sun to guide us on our days, and a moon to provide us with light in the night. It cannot be the same God in which they pray to because he does not hear the prayer of those who stand in vain, of those who purposefully keep themselves dumb and blind when they have been provided with prescription to heal themselves from their sickness.
Although I speak this truth, the people hear me not just as they chose not to adhere to the messages that came and passed right by them before. They defend their beliefs and their faith against me, stronger than they defend themselves against their enemy. They continue to beg and plead for something they have never been given in their gesture of the beggar. When will the people learn? When will they see the error of their ways?


We are enraged with the devil for being the devil, but for how long has he been this way?


We plead for the devil to change from his nature of being the devil, which is foolish, and he laughs at the people with good reasons. How long has the devil been the devil, yet you expect him to be any different today? If you have been in countless wars with someone, do you expect that tomorrow, they will show up without their weapons to battle against you? For this would be foolish, and in this belief you will surely die… As you have been.

Prayer should not be confused as being man’s strongest weapon in battle in neither defense nor offensive stance. For man is man’s strongest weapon. Mans will, his courage, and his heart. Prayers purpose is in asking for divine guidance, for the divines’ presence when man will walk in pursuit of his goals. Prayer is meant to be an aid, not a weapon, and this is where the people have become confused.

Pray for help in your conscious awakening, pray for enlightenment, pray for understanding, but do not pray for action to be taken for you. For as you have seen in all the years that has passed, this prayer has not served you well.

The black man has been brought down to his knees and left there because for all the years he has been in war with his enemy, he has been in an unconscious war with himself, but he knows this not. His woman have been brought down to her knees, yet was risen back up to become hateful and resentful of her man. Thus the two have been separated this way.

You have been told to just pray about your problems and that it will turnout as the solution for everything, and by doing this, you have been kept from the truth of your oppression, and this truth is in yourself.

Man will know truth, man will gain enlightenment, and man will become conscious, by looking into himself and discovering both his weakness and his strengths. Right now the people must see where they have been weak, and discover the cause of this weakness. From there they must recognize the ugliness of their ego and how it has kept them dwelling in their lower selves, which is why you have been a people who were so easy to oppress. Demons possess the weak mind and the ignored heart. You have left the doors to your temple open for infiltration, but you have not been aware of this.


A lion who is born and raised in a cage does not know it is in a cage, it believes that it is in its natural habitat.

For so long you have been comfortable with your oppression, your slave condition, because you have believed that your current domain is indeed your natural habitat, where you are meant to be. This is what the enemy feeds off of, your comfort of his control. Your lack of awareness and weak conscious is your weakness.

I say, it is no good to carry on a tradition that no longer serves you well. If you wish to be free of the chains put on you, if you wish to be redeemed of your carnal possession, then change your tactics. Stop begging for what God has already made yours. Stop believing that God will give you what is yours when you don’t feel worthy of it yourselves.

Whatever you choose not to fight for and demand, you do not deserve, and it has no right in your hands.

break the chains


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