Dr. Martin Luther King's Last Message


In his final recorded speech, “I’ve been to the Mountain Top”, Dr. King addresses the illness of America and it’s contagious attachment to the black people, which still thrives on today. Dr. King speaks on the importance of unity, and even references the days of Pharaoh, how he was able to prolong the slaves in bondage by keeping them fighting among themselves, but when slaves stand together, then their bondage to the oppression is no more. Dr. King speaks a message which is still highly addressed today, that black people must learn the language of the oppressor, which is the language of the dollar. If we want to be a free people, we have to stop fundraising our slavery. “The power of economic withdraw… Collectively we (the black man & woman in America) are richer than all the nations of the world with the exception of nine.” Dr. King.
Buy black or start black businesses!
Black people must grow their own economy, because as it has been for so many years, we fight, march and yell at the same people whom we depend on for our livelihood.
The message of Dr. Martin Luther King, is of very little difference to the message of the honorable Louis Farrakhan, which he delivered on “Justice or Else”. The black people must unify! And begin to realize where our power lies, as well as where our weakness has been.



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