Any beliefs that I’m a servant of the anti-Christ? It’s ok to say it. Maybe I am. Maybe everything that you have ever heard from every activist, or socialist was a lie. Maybe there is no hell to face, or maybe there is and it’s not the white people who are the doomed race, but we. Or maybe there is no particular race that is doomed to any damnation, but we as a whole human race, will be accountable for our actions on this planet. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. Maybe there is no such thing as UFO’s and those were really misses being tested in the sky and we are indeed the only intelligent existence in this whole universe. Maybe this is not even our universe, and we are living in a simulation. Maybe black people were never kings and queens and the Caucasians are indeed not lying, maybe. Maybe Jesus never did exist and the bible is one whole made up story that we believe in for self-security. What if religion is just a government system and is in no way some sort of salvation or key to God.

Nobody really believes in God. God is a fictitious character made up in our minds who we use as an escape route from our reality. Maybe… Human beings just love excuses and we can find the best ways to make them shield us. Who is God? What is God? Take away money from your churches, the schools, every so called leader, and who or what is God? Maybe we are the most hypocritical beings (human beings) known to mankind. Take away all the things that satisfy you and where is Gods place in your life? Did God take all of your money and fine things away? If so, would you still love him? Would you still do what you do? Would there still be a church? Take away our means to survival, and how many people will be on their knees praying to God? Does God exist, or is he just our shield? Who told you God exist? And who told the person that told you? Who educated you on religion, on life, on history, and who educated the person who educated the person that educated you? Do we ever trace back information to its roots? Or do we just do some instant Google search, check for some quick validation and except what we’re being told.


What is truth? Truth is the only thing that doesn’t changes correct? You have two things, truth and falsehood correct? And falsehood is the only transformer of the two. If all of these things which we “know” and call truth is absolute truth, then why do we debate them? What need is there to debate truth with those who are emotionally opinionated when truth should stand ground and not be moved because it is what it is and cannot be changed. Truth should only debated when needed clarity. Changing “truth” would be altering reality. What reality? Yet we debate and poll on God, religion, history, all the things that’s supposed to be of absolute truth. Can any of us truly identify truth? Or are well all just opinionated people with Egos that guarantees to us our right to be right? Maybe so, or maybe not.

Maybe I am crazy, out of my mind and I’m the one who truly needs to wake up and become “conscious”, maybe I’m a zombie. Maybe I’m just a wandering soul, a ghost, trying to touch the living. Maybe there are many of you who are praying for my sanity, or maybe, none of us has ever really prayed a day in our lives.

What is prayer?…



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