Consequences of Going Without Sex

You know when you’re in that dry spell season ladies, all things are no longer the same! Either you’re feeling unconfident about yourself which has kept you out of the game, or maybe you feel fed up with all of the bs you’ve been dealing with in relationships, that you believe you’re taking it out on the world by being relies against sex. Well in actuality, you’re being rebellious towards yourself. Here are the consequences of not having sex for a long time, which indeed Will shock some, a surprise many.

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You Lose The Desire To Do It

When you don’t do it, your body produces fewer of the hormones that make you want to. Don’t get them pumping again and your hormones could convince you to stretch this dry spell way out.

You Get Sick More Often

Did you know that people who have sex once or twice a week have higher levels of antibodies to fight colds? That means better protection against colds and flu.

PMS Is A Little Worse

Have your cramps been a bit more intense lately? Your dry spell might be to blame. Regular sex means more estrogen in your system to reduce the pain of PMS.

Things Loosen Up

One of the first things that happens during a long dry spell? The muscles of the vagina begin to relax, and things can loosen up down there.

You Get More Productive

Not all of the consequences of not having sex are negative. Sexual energy has to go somewhere, and women are more likely to channel it into work.

Chances are that Sex Might Be a little bit Awkward Next Time

Confidence is the key to climaxing, and you lose some of that edge when you don’t have intercourse on a regular basis.

Things Can Get Swampy

When all of those stored up secretions aren’t flushed through consistent intercourse, they start releasing themselves throughout the day…


Grouchy? Lack of sex might be to blame. Jonesing for it can make you moody. But go without it for long enough, and your bad mood will go away–along with your desire to do it altogether.


Vivid Sex Dreams

Another consequence that’s not so bad. Too bad you can’t control when you have them.

You’re At Greater Risk For Heart Disease

It sounds crazy, but one study found that having sex three or more times a week cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack by half.

Your Sense of Smell Gets Worse

Want to have more fun when you stop to smell the roses? You might need a roll in the hay.

Weight Gain

Sex isn’t just a workout. It produces testosterone that improves your workouts and gives your metabolism a little boost.

A Semi-Permanent Bad Mood

Did you know that semen is an antidepressant? Seriously. Take it vaginally or orally and you can put a permanent boost in your mood.
Go without and you’re more prone to falling into a funk than those who get a weekly dose.

& finally…

You Don’t Get To Have Sex
(Oh man!)

Well, duh. And “it,” whether alone or with a partner, is pretty amazing!
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