Consequences of Having Too Many Sexual Partners

“There are a lot more going on in our bodies than we know.”

Are we conscious of our sex life? Do we think about the consequences that go beyond the common protection from std’s and unwanted pregnancies?

“Free love” comes with a price. Watch the video below to hear some interesting biological facts dealing with women having numerous sexual partners.

Did you know? *Notes from the Clip*

• Women carry the DNA of each of their sexual partner in their body for the rest of their lives.

• There is no such thing as “no consequence” and “meaningless sex”. Saying aloud, “this is just for sexual pleasure” doesn’t trigger the same message to our brain. One of the effects of sexual intimacy is “Brain Chemistry”, and oxytocin which is a bonding hormone in both men and women.

• Men who get vasectomy develop autoimmune disorders. (Cancer Risk)

• There are three types of Male Sperm

Claimed by a British Author. They are,

1. Egg Getters

2. Blockers

3. Killer

• When a woman has multiple partners in a short period of time there is a sperm war that takes place in a woman’s body. Killer sperms killing off other male sperm. Her immune system goes under a state of arousal as her body is trying to make time adaptation. Once again, this happens when a woman has many partners.

• How is it that a woman can be so attached to Mr. Wrong? Well, if she has sexual intercourse with “Mr. Wrong” during ovulation, she immediately becomes attached.

So ladies, be mindful of your “body count”. Being the “sponsor” of a football team is not at all a proud thing.


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