Sandra Bland – Justice 4 Police once again

In the video below, Sandra Bland’s mother makes a statement regarding the case where no indictments were made on the death of Sandra Bland.


In case you’ve forgotten her name #SandraBland Meanwhile during the Steve Harvey hype.. ・・・

A grand jury will not indict anyone in connection with the death of Sandra Bland, who was found hanged in a Texas jail cell in July.
Five months after her death drew national protests, one of special prosecutors for the case, Darrell Jordan, told The Washington Post that the grand jury decided not to indict anyone, including staff at the Waller County Jail where Bland was held, in connection with her death.
The grand jury will reconvene in early January to “take up remaining issues,” Jordan said. He declined to comment on what those issues might be, because grand jury proceedings are secret. He also did not comment on what evidence led to Monday night’s outcome.
Bland was arrested during a traffic stop on July 10 that turned confrontational, and was found dead three days later. Her death was classified as a suicide by the county coroner, but family members and protesters around the country disputed that conclusion, alleging that she should not have been arrested and had been the victim of racism.
The announcement of the grand jury’s decision came just hours after Bland’s family criticized the handling of her case, which they said was not being thoroughly investigated by the Texas Rangers or properly presented by special prosecutors. “Right now the biggest problem I have is the entire process,” Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, said at a press conference, according to the Chicago Tribune. “It’s the secrecy of it all.”

Did you know? They are still claiming that Sandra Bland hung herself. But do we expect the devil to have any chill?


Dearly beloved,

Are we ready to wake up? Or will we continue to allow these distractions to distraught to the point that we loose sight of the real issues at hand? Propaganda, they know how forgetful we are or can be, where this is a “major news story” happening every week that grasps the attention of the masses. The devil calls this the agenda for the drifters, the minds that wander from place to place and are unstable in concentration. We are the drifters. If the lack of justice for the slain Sandra Bland is the way we are ending 2015, what is to come in the new year?

It is time we resurrect.


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