Why Most of Our Debating is Meaningless 

Horus, Buddha, Mithra, Krishna, and Osiris. The names I have listed are the names you hear in the recent famous debate on whether or not Jesus the Christ ever existed. Could there have ever once lived a man who was born a virgin birth, perfomed miracles, spoke parables to the people, spoke out against the government, introduced new laws, died on the cross and then ressurected? Could there have ever been such a man? And if there were, was that man named Jesus or…

But a better question for me would be, what all was happening during the time they claim the man name Jesus to have existed? What was Jesus recolutinizing for and who or what was he fighting against? Who was the enemy at the time and what were the conditions of the society and the people?

It’s not about whether or not Jesus existed, it’s about the laws and the principles. Its about the princliples and laws from those times, that we are able to see can apply today. Does any historical event seem relative to anything going on today? If it’s relatable, then it must be true, or have some form of truth because you can understand it, Right? Perhaps there are disagreements, and that is fine. When you look at our world today, who is the enemy, and what is the condition of our society and our people? Does any action that the radical Jesus the Christ took against the injustice system in his time make sense to be repeated in our own actions today? Was Jesus a man? Or a principle? All of these questions and more… But it can all be so simple when we rationalize our minds and start thinking root, before we contemplate tree.

Here is why debate over truth is nonsense and debate on opinions should be called for what they are…

Can a man from a nice residential area in the suburbs understand the life of a man who lives in the ghetto? Can someone who has never been broken hearted relate to the story of someone who has? Should someone who Is in a relationship, take partner communication advice from someone who has never been in one? Can a poor man teach a rich man how to hustle? (Maybe by the lessons of his mistakes). Can a fool guide a wise man to a knowladgble source? (Maybe by the lessons of his mistakes).

All that is said to say this…

Sometimes we argue because our ego is defending its pride. I’m at faults for this too. We have to take the emotion out of it if we are planning on ever getting a clear understanding of things, or be able to communicate affectively, and to also get things done. All of US!

I personally find arguments over opinions and personal beliefs to be a waste of breath, especially when they are fielded with emotion. It’s all idle time to me and I personally do not have the time. I’ve denied to partake in many debates simply because I knew they would not serve anything besides the rise and fall of the ego. The only people whom I would debate with are those who have access to the libraries of truth and falsehood, and their status speaks it.


Jesus answers “What is Truth?”

“Truth is the only thing that changes not,” Jesus said. In all the world there are two things; The one is truth; the other is falsehood, and falsehood that which seems to. Now truth is aught and has no cause, and yet it is the cause of everything. Falsehood is naught, and yet it is the manifest of right. Whatever has been made will be unmade; that which begins must end. All things that can be seen by human eyes are manifest of aught, are naught, and so must pass away. The things we see are but reflexes just appearing, while the ethers vibrate so and so, and when conditions change they disappear.”

whether or not this man existed, he spoke no lie.


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