Before You Go…

I’d like to say…

When it comes to speaking the truth on pagan holidays and satanic rituals, you know that not only do people have the Pride in defending them both, but what they say is the utmost! 
Pagan Defender: “We need to think about the children. If we take away what we’ve made the children believe then they’ll be upset. They are happy, and they expect to receive gifts. Would God want us to take away their joy?”

What is Joy? And how does one receive it? And is it Joy for the spirit? Or Joy for pleasing expectations? 

The child is the righteous judge. It see’s both truth and falsehood. Never think a child doesn’t know. However, through repetitive manipulation from crippled mind to one developing, the childs purity can turn into something foul. Mind us, what the lies we tell our children does to being, and in return effects our conscience. Were we not all victims of falsehood taught by our own parents to wordhip images that werent our own? The majority of us were and that is why it is the majority of us that are fucked up under a well established, Fucked Up system. We grew up, saw the world, and was like “wtf?”. 

For some and myself included, We look at history and we see that our parents were there at the prime of the black panther movement, tje civil rights movement, Dr. King, & Malcom, and many other revolutionaries & Pan-Afrikanists. They were alive when the chants heard by the whole world was “Fight Black People Fight!” And then somehow the chants faded and black people stopped fighting. Black people were defeated.

For many of us, we look at our parents and ask, “well what was your part in all this?” “Did you even try?” “You were there when our prophets were alive and you didn’t carry on the tradition of the system they outlined for us to follow, so that we will no longer be an oppresed people?” Actually, barely are any of us confronting the elders with this. We’re not putting the accountable on trial, but we need to.

But see, everything happens for a reason, and perhaps the time during our parents youth just wasnt the time for black people to rise. The world had to suffer a little more, we had to cry a little more, and we had to burry a whole lot More.

Now we are here… About to hit 2016 following up one hell of a 15. Black people, we’ve been given every reason to burn America, and every reason has been provoked. We have been mocked, we have been stalked, we have been taunted, and why? Because all “they” expect as retaliation from black people are protests & uncontrolled emotional outbursts. They expect “leaders” to preach and preachers to calm the masses with promises of hope in the sky, and fine rhetoric that gets us dancing again. However, black people, in this new era of terror we have once again been given instruction and a guideline for a system, that will end our days of being an oppressed people. 

Once again, we are in the position of our parents. What will we do? Will black people receive their long awaited overdue birthright of liberty and justice? Will we stop trying to be united with all as if there is no such term as enemy and a precence that goes with it? 20 years from now, will my son or your child write this same letter? Will there still be cries of “R.I.P” “Free…” “….. Lives Matter”? Or will we have advanced. Will we have gained justice?

For Justice to be, we must first hate, despise, and be disgusted by injustice.
That choice is up to us. We have to prove worthy before God really, really, intervenes. We must become servants to only one master, and that master is God. But then you have to figure out… Who is your God? 

Let’s get our answers straight in 2016 ✌🏾️


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