Who Am I? Justice 

Who Am I?

They call me N-I double G, ER

If I aint in a cell, you can find me 

In the ER

Dead on Arrival 

Who shot me?

Take em to court trial

And they free on arrival

Jury texting during Judge sentence

Judge beating off to my 

body pictures

Shooters looking down

at my body like

He wouldnt listen 

Stupid nigga, 

showed him the badge

And he wouldn’t kiss it

Basic nigga

I should’ve listened 

What the fox say?

He was nothing but a thug

Bound to die by his own blood

Anyway, just another slave

And all I get from my president

Is God bless, protect the innocent

Let there be no more, same incident

The sweet Lucy rhetoric

I wonder

When he’s done with the office

Will he be black again?

Will he feel my mothers pain

Will they take one of his?

I dont wish death on no one

My country been wanting 

Me gone 

Successful, I clap for em

I’ve done died many times

Shots loud, hollows in the sky

Cried many times 

Still my people snoring

I wish I can dream still

But its too much of a 

Cold world in dreamville 

Why we battling to be kings?

Why everybody shouting out

To be seen?

You saw how I died,

You saw them shots fired

Arms around my neck

Chocking me to death

I couldn’t breath 

In that cell, they hung me

Put my blood on my own hands

Get it? 

My own blood on my own hands

I wont lie

I once shot my own man

Turned on my own brother

For money

Lustin for honeys 

Stealing from bee hives

So how do I expect to be seen

In devils eyes?

Yeah I know how to stay alive

Too bad I already died 

Justice! Justice!

Where is the justice?

Did I die just to die

Or was it all a message?

They call me 

Trayvon Sandra Mike Gardner Mcdonald

My people thinking 

consciousness Stops at leaving


Debating over who’s from where

Who knows what

And how loud they can gather

A cheer,

How many sheep, they can fill

In a chair

And here I am breathless

I guess I gotta keep dyin

Signs in the fog

Guess God gotta keep tryin…


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