Unfit To Be A Slave "Free Book PDF"

How is it that a man becomes free?

He simply says I am free. That’s where it begins.

I can see the hunger for my blood when I

Look in your eyes

You’ll feel the pain in my soul

Know I’m ready to die

Push a levy into the system and just

kiss it goodbye, Goodbye

I’m finally touching the sky

Finally see Martins Dream

The mountain top wasn’t that hard to climb

But still it was a hell of a ride, and I’m a remain here

Just to piss off they white asses

better than a slave to a con master

Your faux ladder

Keep my people climbing forever, tryna figure out whether

They lives matter

You tell em it depends on the weather, My,

eyes sees God when I look in the mirror

I know your eyes hate the design

I hope you gettin this picture

Selfies with Satan,

I sipped wine him while playing scramble

Dominating every word, he was displaying

Picture me rollin with your greatest fear

Third eye blazin, melanated, sun child

see you dead to me there

Couldn’t breathe with me

I can’t breathe with you

Trial murders get foul favors

See I aint free with you

I don’t even wanna eat with you

This aint no hate shit dog,

I’m just better off far from you

keep it real with em dog

That’s why you keep the alarm on you

You and I

We aint so equal

we dead rivals

Wonder why that is

Who controlling this shit

You get on the same page

Maybe we can fix this shit

They still think I’m a slave mama

You still telling my not to kill shit?

Worrying that your son gonna die

Dear mama don’t worry

Christ exists in your son, Bismillah

I got this

I ain’t no slave

I ain’t no slave

You couldn’t find a pair of those in my name

Here it is, my book, “Unfit To Be A Salve”. I hope it touches you in a place that enlightens you. Peace.

Unfit To Be A Slave