Why Black Dollars Matter?

#BlackDollarsMatterĀ  Everyone is familiar with the energy money brings, and we have all bare witnessed to the effects of the lack of. Murder, theft, and certain jobs having to be taken due to detrimental income.

#BlackDollarsMatter strongly matters among HBCU’s. Most students who receive a grant return or “refund” check, end up helping fund to major companies with big spending in malls and major retail stores. Yet they are left to suffer nights of hunger and limited funds to engage in extra activities therefore, causing most students to take on extra Jobs adding onto the already stress of maintaining school. However,like many problems, this is not one without a solution or what I’d like to call, a recovery.

blk students bsns atre


Each individual/groups, (individuals should further find like-minded groups after already confirming their own will and purpose to invest) should unite in thought on ways to invest a portion of their refund money, into a business or an idea that can promise a reimbursement as well as further returns for the initial investment.

blk woman skin care

Black women can use their portion to:

  • Creating their own beauty supply chain. Getting the best hair stylists, manicures & pedicure skilled women, turning their hustle into an official business. Matching competitor prices.
  • Manufacturing and Marketing Natural skin care & health care products.
  • Uniting with a black man to create a unisex establishment.

Black men are not excluded.

  • Moving Businesses.
  • Website building/design.
  • Creating & Selling products of high demand. Ex: Cell Phone accessories/repairs, skin care products, clothing, apps, communication devices, etc.
  • Coaching. Fitness Training.
  • Barber association, farming, cleaning services, etc.
  • Uniting with a black woman to create a unisex establishment.

Women are skilled in any of the above areas are also able to take up the services and expand the flow of currency.

blk student pwi

HBCU students & even the black students in PWI (Predominantly white institutions) make up among the top-ranked greatest minds and skilled peoples on this planet, which speaks enough for our ability and potential. We have the ideas that major companies & industries are hawking for.

But why work for the gains of another persons profit that you can make yourself? And more.

So much can be done with effort and determination, will, practice, and action involved. Think before you spend. Hold onto your money long enough for you to come to a conclusion. Then you operate.

Peace & Blessings

& Remember


Click below for the full FREE Economic Plan for Black College Students

Economic Investment Plan 4 College Students Receiving Financial Aid

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