Thoughts of the Traveling 🚶🏾”Man”

Thoughts of the Traveling … 🚶🏾…

A man that was once afraid of the 🌎 because…
He didn’t understand it 🤔,
knew he was so different.
So therefore, he felt as if he had no place, as if he just lived in this place to be a spectator.
Then down the line he became adventurous, and fearless, yet once he, understood what the world was,
he, became 😔 because, he,knew that the suffering of the 🌎 did not have to be.
That 👥 didn’t have to go through what they were going through.

He, understood the laws of the universe before
He, was taught them.
He, understood the message 🙌🏾tried to give without even reading the scriptures.
He, knew that the message 🙌🏾 gave was further than 🙌🏾 himself…

This man believed that Christ-hood was a machine to be designed by man and with this machine, man would reach a place on a ✈️ known as “so divine”… But for this machine to manifest it wouldn’t take just one, but many woke 👁…

Thoughts of the Traveling …🚶🏾…
A man who only wants to live in the harmony of love and peace, because that’s what he represents…. Believes… It takes patience to understand him and his 🌎 . The world… which he lives, so united yet so different, so distant, soul liftin…

Thoughts of the Traveling … 🚶🏾…
He spent nights out in Never Land, figured out the curse of Peter Pan… The boy that never grows old… Robbed of everything. He once believed in. A 🌎 that’s so cold. But with demons, They spat woes. Now it’s wars.

Men fight to kill. Just to die slow.
🙍🏽🙎🏾… 🙇🏽🙇🏾‍♀️… Slaves to a cycle.
Try to 🎨 a picture . For a blind. With your eyes 😴.
I bet he’ll know. Like Eli. Show him the path.
I bet he’ll go. To a place where no heart knows.
It’s a faith journey.
These are thoughts of the traveling Man’s 🚶🏾… Journey

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