Like A Kanye Rant

Questions that need answers
Thoughts I rarely rant up besides the times
My pen decides to act up
MY ego gets its strap up, listen…

Black women say they luuuve black men 👨🏾
Personally I don’t feel it 🙍🏾‍♂️
I guess I aint black then or a new form
like the clone off a mix breeding
Or maybe I’m too blurry for the vision

Oh you love me from a distance?
I get it
Like what I’d receive if I went with a
White giirl 👩🏼
Then its good ridens 🙅🏾
Let the whole world know it
You ain’t kidding
Cuz once upon a time Becky had
Slaves in the kitchen

Still I,
When it comes between you and I

I don’t get it
Compared to the men you adore
What makes me so different
Some say its cuz I seem too perfect
others excuse is
my energy level, makes em feel timid
Nah, I don’t buy it
That Queen?
Melanated, like a beautiful black dream
Make the whole world bow,Like Michelle
As Soon as she steps in the scene

It seems, Im in a world unknown
To my understanding
Be black but not too black
Your own kind couldn’t stand it
Dammn it

If it wasn’t for my momma being black
and sister being black
and my aunties being black
and my daughter being black
I don’t even think I’d see black
Not for the, way that I’m treated for being black
and it’s by black

I ride with the movement
Wrote a book in a blueprint
I keep my brothers focused
Help developed your husbands
See how hard I rep this
How hard I stretch this
To deliver a message
Pu me on the cross cuz I’ll die
Just to find, what love is
Damn I,
Sound like,
A child neglected

How many of us are out there?
High level of conscious beings
battling with demons
in a world that’s more Christ feared
Than e👁e geared

Tryna find your place where?

Now I’ve come to this place
Disappointed and hurt
by the things that I done faced
Feel anointed and curse
Cuz Maxwell couldn’t tell me
What a woman was worth

Feeling like I got QTNA’s like
How you choose them and not me
It inherited from a 👦🏾
in court battles with mom and dad
not knowing whose 🏠 in I’m gonna sleep

I guess it’s how it’s meant to be
To be cool and see wherever the world places me

But I got a problem with that
If the universe is mine to control
Thru my POV
Then I’m acknowledging that

This is my cry for help like a Kanye’s Rant
This is my cry for help like a Kanye’s Rant
This is my cry for help…
This is my cry for help…

I’m stepping into some shit.

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