Newspaper Vs. Multimedia

Multimedia vs. Newspaper

By Kiara Hill, Dorian Hines, and Rohan Dunbar


The A&T Register is will be hosting auditions for its new and upcoming web series, Register the Tea.


Do you think you have what it takes to “Register the Tea”? Do you think you have the voice to reach the multitudes? On Wednesday, September 20th, at 6:30 PM, in General Classroom Building (GCB) 328. Auditions are open to all students on campus.

The newspaper world is slowly dying out. There was once a time where the paper was our source to the world. Students can trace all the way back to 1915 and see where the tradition of sharing news first began on campus. The “paper” was once the go-to outlet for college students to reach not only the whole student body but the community as well. Looking at my own HBCU, the A&T register was once the golden key that unlocked the door to the issues that many students were not aware of. Today, students at North Carolina Agricultural and State University (N.C. A&T) rather catch news and events through their social media devices than pick up the A&T Register, the school’s student newspaper. Although the tools may have changed, the need for our voices to be heard has actually elevated.


Welcome to a new generation. Since students rather read and view “the tea” online, the A&T Register has decided to create a registarpapermultimedia web series where Aggies can tune in every week to catch what’s trending around the world. The staff of the A&T Register has decided to create this web show because they desire for their words to be seen and mean something. One does not need to look closely to see where the mass audience is directing their focus. The staff understands that the newspaper business is declining, so having this web series will bring in the attention and notice that they want. This new taste has become a relief to many students who have felt for a long time that their ideas and words of expression have gone unnoticed and uncared for. Thoughts and words mean the world to these students and they want to express that from a global perspective.


jomcAuditions are open to all reporters, bloggers, hosts, and hostesses on A&T’s campus. Come out and show off your talent for the web talk show.


Stop by the A&T Register Newsroom, in GCB 328, for more information.


Photos Courtesy from Kiara Hill’s iPhone 7 Plus.


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