NCAT Fall Symposium

On October 19th, 2017 North Carolina A&T, the largest HBCU in the nation in Greensboro N.C,  held their annual Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium. This is a large event open to any undergraduate student in North Carolina to present their reasearcb and creative work through oral presentation, posters, and/or mini exhibits.
Some of the research presented included statistics on “How many hours per day is spent on using social media in college vs High School”, and the comparison between the time usage of both women and men on social media platforms.
A young female undergraduate student stated,

“I admit that I see more women use social media than men. I believe the reason for that is the fact that us women are considered to be more emotional and more vocal about several topics. Many of us also see social media as our own personal magic mirror.”

Both the Students and staff participated in the discussion and there were even a few debates on some of the statistics given. When the statistics of how which media outlet has the most influence in the nation, students realized that missing from the list were popular s.m platforms “Twitter” & “Instagram”.
One student who took notice responded to the absence stating that

“Instagram and Twitter are very important in our lives. They help save lives and help us communicate through distance, and network with individuals whom we may never been able to connect with otherwise.”

Snapshot 1 (10-19-2017 3-49 PM)
Pictured above- Office of Undergraduate Research director- Tonya R. Hargett (left) & Program Coordinator Mr. Lando Little (right)



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