"Robbery on Market Street" Greensboro, NC

gas station


Photo Credit: WHNT NEWS


Greensboro, N.C.  Among the several reports of car accidents, we can now add robbery to the list of tragic events that have occurred during the eclipse. A robbery occurred around 1:31 pm yesterday at the peak of the eclipse. Police responded to a call about a shooting at the BP-Family Fare store/gas station off of E Market St.




As soon as the police arrived on the scene they saw King Thompson Sr., owner of the store/gas station, in a frantic state. Mr. Thompson was robbed by two unidentified Caucasian males. The robbery has been reported to be gang affiliated as Mr. Thompson’s adopted son, King Thompson J.R. is involved with a local triad gang.



Photo Credit: TJ Sotomayor


Although police have not confirmed that it is gang affiliated, the community and police are taking into account the recent uproar of racial tension between members of the neo-Nazi’s- a white supremacist gang and the bloods. Thompson Sr’s son King Thompson Jr. is a member of a worldwide known gang the Bloods. Just a week ago, Thompson Sr. called police to report racial graffiti vandalism on the outside of his store, which he believes to be gang affiliated.

“Me and my family have been harassed ever since Charlottesville,” stated Thompson referencing the recent riots in Charlottesville, VA.



Although Thompson Jr. was not present on the scene, that did not prevent him from defending his gang affiliated son.

He is not a bad man,” said Thompson Jr.

He joined the organization for brotherhood, not hate.”

All across the country there have been reports of rallies gathering to express frustration towards the gangs in the community and racial tension as a whole, which has reached new heights since U.S President Donald Trump has been elected into office. Police are still looking for the two-armed robbery suspects who are Caucasian males, and they are believed to be still armed and dangerous.


For more information, please contact rdunbar2@aggies.ncat.edu






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