Salavation Army invades the T Sep.15th



The Salvation Army will conduct a community drive on the northern side of Greensboro, NC A&T campus, and UNCG’s campus. This drive will take place tomorrow from 10 am-6pm and will begin on UNCG’s campus, then move further into the other destinations. This drive will also include free food distributed to all who attend.




The Salvation Army is a Christian organization established to help provide goods & services at discounted prices to the middle class, poor and the homeless. The organization strives to transform misery into happiness through acts of kindness and charity, and it does so with its donations to struggling families and communities, as well as college universities. The Salvation Army allows people to feel at one regardless of race, nationality or creed. The organization puts this message into action with the community drives. The community drive is used to serve college students, homes persons, single family homes and middle-class homes. Donations such as toys, furniture, family games, and household necessities are all distributed during the drive, as well as free food for all those who attend.


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