How to have Anything & Anyone that you want?

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If someone came up to you right now and asked you “what do you want?” What would you say? Or when you think of all the things that you do want, what is it that you say to yourself?
Perhaps what you say go along with the lines of:
“I want happiness”
“I want a new car”
“I want to be wealthy” or “I need money”
“I want a beautiful woman” or “I want a beautiful man”.
“I want to have more friends” or “I need to meet more people like me who I can enjoy life with”
“I want”. “I want”, “I want”, “I need” “I need”, and “I need” You see the routine?


So why aren’t you receiving these things?
Why don’t you have more money? Why aren’t you wealthy? Why aren’t you driving in that Ferrari or Benz? Why are you still single?


answers sign_Resized_300x239

The answer is very…

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