Levels “The Icebreaker for online Conversation” Getting Passed “WYD”

This is levels. I created this game because honestly, I like to keep it 100 in my conversations. I tell it how it is and I don’t lie, plus I hate small talk. However, everyone does not know how to either start up, nor hold a good conversation. The txts “wyd?” and “hyd?” has gotten long old, overused, and over-expected. Also, I have noticed that too many people get into relationships not knowing who the person they’re dating really is, and up either getting hurt or just disappointed. Now they’re heart broken and rather not talk to anyone So, I created “Levels” to help make things clear and also easier.


I call it levels because you ask the proposed questions in an orderly fashion so you don’t seem too pushy, nor too edgy, or too thirsty. You go from asking questions centered around the person,then some regarding yourself, and then back to them. You start with the general question, such as “what’s your name?” “where are your form?” You know, the simple bullshit (You can even make your own questions, but follow with the format). Then you make your way up to things more personal and intense, that is, if they allow you to go that far. There’s only one rule to this game. If the person being asked the questions does not like content of what they’re being asked, they can either say next, or decide to end the game and you cannot push it forward. You must leave it alone. You shot your shot and missed.


Oh! To set the stage and make things clear from the jump, Levels must begin with this first question: “Do you keep it 100 or are you 50?” Meaning, “do you promise to tell the truth regardless of the questions being asked, if you choose to answer it, or will you give me some bullshit?” They’ll probably get offended or feel a strike in their ego once they hear “you” and “some bullshit” in the same sentence and assure you that they always “keep it 100”. Lol. The human psyche is a dramatic world of its own.


As you begin reading please take note, I am a male so I wrote this in my perspective, if you are a woman asking this questions- First off, kudos to you! Because these days not too many women are the bold ones to initiate the conversations and be the one asking the questions unfortunately. The man is doing the work. Which often for him, is a suicide mission if he doesn’t know how to ask the right questions. There is a reason you’re being called thirsty my friend. Sometimes “too bold”can be “too creepy”.


Women, you are born detectives, and conversationalists, need I say more?


Or maybe it’s just me. Who knows? Who cares?


You ready?


Let’s play levels…



Do you keep it 100 or 50?


-What do you mean?


If I asked you a question would you lie to me?


  • Depends on what the question is.


I’m simple going to ask all the necessary questions to get to know you. But if it’s anything uncomfortable, you could just say next.


  • Ok


What is your name?


Where are you from?


(If they are away from home, continue to ask questions about their hometown/city)


What is your personality like? Are you the ratchet type? The “pretty” girl? OR do you just vibe?



Do you like clubs or You rather stay at home?



Kickbacks or a full turn up?


Are you rather quiet or do you like to talk and debate?


Next level…


Are you looking for someone to date? Someone to fuck you till you submit? OR just a friend?


(if you are having this conversation online as it is intended, the following question should ask why that person is choosing this particular platform to find someone. If not just jump to the next question)


Do men approach you?


How often do you turn men down? Out of 10?


(If she responds with a high number ask why. If she responds with a low number, ask does she even pay attention enough to know if a guy is flirting.)


Next level…


(short one unless you want to extend it. Only touching two necessary parts. Plus you don’t want to seem overly interested in her sex life. That will throw her off immediately to thinking you’re just a fuck boy)


How often do you think about sex?


Are you a virgin?


Next level…


Do you consider yourself woke? Or is it simply, you understand what’s going on in the world, but you not going to let it ruin your life…  (I asked because, so many people claim the “I’m woke” title, and with them it’s a whole diff type of lingo involved.)


(If she goes with the “I understand” option, let her know she’s woke and move on to the next question.)


What’s your passion?


(If they give a general answer such as “Trying to go to work and school”, say, “That’s what you’re doing… I asked, what is your passion? Why are you going to school? What are you working towards?)


(Continue to ask a few general questions after this depending on her answers.)


What inspired this?


Next level… (Time to figure out her interest with you and this conversation)


Why did you decide to talk to me? And not be rude and leave me on read? In fact, why haven’t you left yet?


Would you fuck me, date me, marry me, or kill me?

(That ol middle school pickup line we used to write as a note should make her laugh. Invites comfortability to the vibe.)


Next level (This is the personal level. You decide these questions. Ask questions regarding yourself. Tell her what your passion is, let her know what you are, EX: If you’re a nympho, a religious or spiritual individual, are the committed type, if you believe in polygamy, it is time to let her know these things and ask her would she be willing to accept you with your package.)



Next level… (it’s back to her if the saga continues)


Do you consider yourself a bad bitch? A queen? A lady? A Sister? Or a woman?

(Yes, there is diff levels to womanhood just as there is in manhood. Thus, everyone is not a king, and everyone is not a Queen, until proven with their good works)


Time to make her reflect…


Do you often have conversation like this?


Has any man ever asked you any of these questions? Or at least the first few?


If we were to link up, how soon would you let me inside you?


(Continue to ask your own questions based on the vibe of the conversation)


Do you want children in the future? Do you have children?


Next level… This is where you close. Ask if they will like to meet in person, and where. Plan the date. Ask for their number if you do not already have it. If you are having this conversation in person as a way to spark a good conversation, allow her to now ask you these questions.)


So how did it work out? Did you find yourself more comfortable and confident than you’ve ever been with other conversations? Do you now know how to ask the right questions? Was the conversation fun? Did you learn something? Is your perception towards the opposite sex, or that person in particular any different than it was before?


Let me know in the comments below.


Hope you had Fun Playing Levels!

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