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Peace & Blessings, my name is Rohan Dunbar, I also go by the name of Apollo Nazir. I would first like to announce that I am no different than anyone of you. I come from a broken home,my mother & father have been separated since I was 4 years old. My family has never gotten along with each other, there was always animosity between my family members so I grew up watching my own family being divided, and never being able to rest under just one roof. I have lived in poverty, I have been homeless, and I have had reasons to give up on my own life, but I never did. Although I was not raised around True Love, I always believed in it, and it is believing in it, that has kept me alive.

So here I am, the man who has came to tell the world that although there is hate, envy, fake friends & real enemies, True Love Exists.  I know that it is hard for most people in this world to believe it due to the many unfortunate things that many of you have experienced in your lives, and if you look at the events taking place in not just our country, but throughout the world, well, I understand the lack of faith. However, we have something inside us that makes us eternal, the spirit. And we have something inside us that keeps us alive in the flesh, our hearts. People can hurt your feelings, people can betray you, friends may leave and family may break apart, but there is one thing that will never break, and never leave, and that is your heart, and the spirit. When you stop believing in your own heart, you abandon yourself and you give up so much happiness that can happen for you. When you abandon the spirit, well, you become a midnight alley wonderer without a light to show you your path. I’m here, MansTruth is here, to bring the light into the darkness. Many people have died spiritually along their journey when the road became too rough, I’m here to make sure that for the people who are on the verge of giving up, and for the people who although may have already “given up”, can see that there is a reason to have hope, to believe, and to stay alive.

It is us who put the energy in hate, fear, and all of the things which make ourselves and others miserable and so anti-life. We give the devil life! We create the things which we hate by focusing so much on it and then we are confused as to why certain things happen to us. What if you changed your mood today, what if you made a decision for how your life was going to be from now on and made a promise to yourself that everything that happens from now on in your life, will be exactly how you’ll expect it to be. This is possible, and I’m here to show you how that is possible.

Love.. True Love.. IT exists, it just needs a little CPR! And We! “We need unity!” Because it’ll take more than one person to breath life back into this. As humans we are the most diverse people with a beautiful culture and we all have within ourselves amazing talent. Imagine if we were all one.. Imagine if we all loved. Then imagine what we could accomplish!

I am honored, and I give all credit to God who has been using me as a vessel, and I am honored that he has chosen me to be a rising voice for this generation. He is transforming me like he has transformed Farrakhan, like he transformed Malcolm, and Dr. king. I don’t know what my future holds, but I will tell you this, as long as God is still using me, he’s still backing me, the enemy will not be able to break me down! And i will continue to serve the people of God.
I am still growing, I am not perfect, and there is still so much for me to learn as there always will be because, this universe is filled with infinite knowledge that no man but God can attain.

I am not the same man as Jesus, but I am building to be Christ.
I warn that my people open up their eyes and clear the clog from inside their ears, for the filthy anti-Christ is fitting to do a number on you. But see the devil, the devil knows his time is up. But as long as you are left clueless, as long as you are still feeding fear to this nightmare, Krueger will keep growing strong. The only way you can beat Freddy is by taking your fear away from him! The devil knows his weakness lies in your strength, in your fearlessness! For when we show the devil that we are afraid of him no more, the tables turn! He now gets on his knees, and he now bow downs to the true masters, who he has always known to be the true masters. Which is the original man! Who is the original man? The original man is the Asiatic Blackman, the founder, the cream of the Planet Earth, the father of Civilization, and God of the universe!

It is he who he knows and he who he fears. This is why the enemy wants to keep us deaf, dumb and blind. But as you have seen through me and many others, God, our God, the one and only God! Is not not allowing that to happen any longer!
Rise for Truth!

Instruction: My Blog is written for you. So as you are reading a post, think of it as an honest heart to heart talk from me to you, and I want you to see me as your personal friend who is just here to give you the words of tough love that you need to hear when you need when in doubt. Then when you are done reading a message from me to you, think to yourself for a moment and ask yourself, “what can I use from what I have read, to help me today, so that there can be a better me tomorrow.” If you are unable to receive any kind of motivation, or have not been enlightened in anyway on how to self-help yourself and help the people you love, I want you to personally let me know. Keep in mind, I am your friend, and if I can help you, you can help me too, because we are one.

We are no longer a dead people, we are a resurrecting people! Our time is now!
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11 thoughts on “Meet the Author

  1. hello son i have read your blog i’am so proud of you i have always known you will achive greatness in life. i have instealed in you never to give up and you have not keep doing what you are doing ihave and always willsupport you thru it all just know there will be up and downs but never give up trust in god and you will always suceed. love your mom, the assistant of the creator of you


  2. Rohan, absolutely inspiring! I am deeply moved by such inspiration from such a young man as yourself. I am truly overwhelmed to see that God has not forsaken our family linage, yes it has been rough, but there is a lot more to come. Keep voicing Truth and Love and follow your dreams. I love you dearly.


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